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There is little or no free Canadian DVB-S content available to users of medium-size dishes as much of the available Ku-band satellite bandwidth is occupied by pay-TV operators Shaw Direct and Bell TValthough larger C-band dishes can pick up some content. FTA signals may be scattered across multiple satellites, requiring a motor or multiple LNBs to receive everything. This differs from Europe, where FTA signals are commonly concentrated on a few specific satellites. Another difference between North American FTA and FTA in most of the rest of the world is that in North America, very few of the available signals are actually intended for home viewers or other end-users.

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It uses Basic English and has Technical words trimmed to the very essential bare minimum.

Sport en France launches as FTA channel

FTA stands for Free to Air. Free to air satellite is a phrase used to refer to TV channels available on satellite without any scrambling or encryption of any sort.

There are very many free to air satellite Movies, Series, Documentaries and International News channels out there receivable without any charge at all. For example check this list of International News channels on Free to Air satellite.

The service providers usually uplink their content to the satellite at uplink stations with High power amplifiers so that the end consumer or viewer can get it Direct to Home DTH without any subscription fee at all.

FTA (free) channels broadcasting Euro

The only money the consumer spends is when buying the equipment required to receive the channel like satellite dish, digital satellite decoder, coaxial cables and in some cases the installation fee if the viewer is not a DIY enthusiast. In other words its usually buy,install and forget not buy, install and keep paying monthly installments the rest of your life.

Feed reports, live active frequencies

Broadcasters like these usually make money by placing adverts in between programs and Movies. The second reason is that what you may think is a TV channel is actually a feed.

A feed is a frequency leased from satellite companies for use when it is only required. It is mainly used to retransmit Live TV content to the main broadcasting station. Examples of times when feeds are used are during Football matches, Seminars, political rallies and other events. If you read the following tutorial carefully you will be able to setup and install a satellite dish and enjoy the exciting channels receivable for free.

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New FTA channel with live football More competition is joining the football space. This translates to quality programming for the diehard football fans.
Article top media content Along with behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries about your favourite shows and stars, interviews and more.
Live FTA Sports While a deal with any free-to-air station is far from done, the season draw has been designed to accommodate the proposal from Ten by scheduling blockbuster fixtures in its preferred timeslots.

Satellite Terms explained. A communications satellite is approx about 35, Km above the earths surface. Geo stationary satellites use the equatorial orbit in the plane of the equator.

If there is any vibration or movement of the dish then the signal is usually lost. Satellite dishes must also have a clear view of the sky, trees and nearby buildings usually cause bad or no reception at all. This means a satellite dish cannot be installed in the house like a normal indoor UHF antenna.

Transponder A transponder is in very simple terms a transmitter on a satellite that sends information on a particular frequency only.

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For example thisMHz is a transponder frequency in the Ku band range and this MHz is a transponder frequency in the C band range. A satellite in the sky can have a group of transponders in Ku band and C band or Ku band only or C band only. Footprints Footprints are sometimes referred to as beams.

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A footprint is the area on the earth bounded by a contour where the received power is above a certain level. The power level is expressed in terms of EIRP.

The central point where the beam is located has a high power so smaller satellite dishes can be used. As you go further away from the footprint the signal intensity fades and thus people in these areas need to use a bigger dish.

The footprint contour power will depend on whether the satellite is global, Hemispherical, zonal or spot. To read more about Footprints read this article about satellite beams and dishe sizes. Frequencies A frequency is the the number of times an electromagnetic wave changes while carrying information TV channels from the satellite.

To receive C band you need a prime focus satellite dish and to receive KU band you require an offset dish.

Live sports feed channels feb This covers both FTA & Biss Channel

Learn more about the difference between Ku Band and C Band frequencies. Polarity The polarity is the orientation of an electromagnetic wave as it travels from the satellite to the earths surface.

Symbol Rate Symbol rate usually abbreviated as SR is the number of symbol changes of an Electromagnetic wave made to the transmission medium per second. So buying a good decoder here is Key to enjoying more content. FEC Rate FEC stands for Forward Error Correction and is usually part of the broadcast meant to reduce the errors in transmission by correcting them at the receiver end instead of requesting a fresh signal like in the case of computers.

Only HD receivers can receive HD content. Many international TV stations are now offering HD content. Adapted from techsawa.

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