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He then became a member of Marty Wilde's Wildcats in After a successful period with the Wildcats, during which he appeared on their instrumental record without Wilde recorded as the Krew Kats"Trambone", he backed Tommy Steele for some of his London stage performances, and then in October he joined Cliff Richard and the Shadows as the replacement for Tony Meehan. InBennett released a solo album of jazz music, entitled Change of Direction, in mono and stereo neither charted.

Channel 9 Cricket, a song by Brian Bennett on Spotify

For years, the opening bars of the music literally trumpeting the start of the cricket coverage music have elicited an almost Pavlovian response in many Australians.

A new summer of Australian cricket.

Doze off at lunch, and that familiar trumpeting fanfare would prod you from your slumber in time to switch ends on the lounge, ready for the afternoon session. For cricket haters, the music was the equivalent of an emergency siren, prompting them to flee the room, resigned to the fact that nothing major was getting done outside or inside by some residents of the house for the next four days.

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Except maybe in the lunch or tea breaks. Picture: Tom Huntley As for how New Horizons gained its cult following in Australian sport, word is the irascible late Kerry Packer had heard it as the theme song for a s police show called Bluey, featuring the late comedian Lucky Grills in the titular role of heavy-drinking, chain-smoking Detective Sergeant Bluey Hills.

He is best known as the drummer of the UK rock and roll group, the Shadows.

What Packer wanted, Packer always got. Picture: Channel 9 They delivered a memorable performance of it at the Sydney Cricket Ground as a tribute when Benaud died in Bennett presented a framed score of New Horizons to Nine in recognition or what they had made with his creation.

For the record, Bennett, a drummer, pianist, composer and music producer was no one-hit wonder. Among his biggest hits? He penned the Cliff Richard hit, Summer Holiday. Only fitting for a man who would go on to give Australia the sound of its sporting summer.

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