Donaire Vs Rigondeaux Full Fight Hd

Sunday, January 12, 2020 10:44:57 PM

Las Vegas fight schedule for boxing reserved the spot at the edge of June Accordingly, he was defeated by Franklin Manzanilla via retired in round 4 of 12 for WBC silver super bantamweight championship belt. In fact, main event spot of Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Julio Ceja is one of the best matches he ever had in his boxing career since debuted in Accordingly, he was undefeated since his debuted pro time. And year gone by, in of November, he was crowned as world champion for the championship belt of WBA super bantamweight belt after he defeated Rico Ramos via knockout in round 6.

[Full Download] Nonito Donaire Vs Guillermo Rigondeaux Hd With Hbo Commentary

Yes, in terms of action, this is a 3 stars fight, you are absolutely correct! But what makes this particular fight just a little different than others is the tension in my opinion.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux Full Fight HD

During almost the entire fight you can literally feel how concentrated these two are, and how razor thin is the room for mistake. One single moment of inattention, one false move could turn into a knock-out, and the tension is more palpable here than in so many other fights that are less technical.

At this very high level, the fight becomes really an exploit of precision from the two fighters, especially two fighters who can knock-out the other with one punch, and two fighters in the lower weight classes so every move is implemented quicker than at welterweight and above.

This is why the public here is asking for 4 stars.

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I think it is safe to give them their 4 stars. On a side note, you guys used to keep us posted with the pure muay Thai fights from Thailand… what happened in that department? I really loved to find these fights here, and U regret that the much less interesting hybrids of k-1 or Glory have taken over.

April Donaire vs Rigondeaux

Anyway, all the best and huge thanks for your awesome site.

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