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Saturday, January 11, 2020 3:13:54 AM

Adam Newell Image via Bandai Namco Dragon Ball games are notorious for repeating the same gameplay without branching away from the Dragon Ball formula. They tend to be over-the-top button mashers with two or more fighters who all have their own incredible, flashy ability.

Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Launches January 28th on PS3, PS Vita

Due to this popularity, it's seen a plethora of tie-in video games released over the years, ranging from arcade-style beat 'em ups to fighting games. Many of these, such as the Budokai Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball FighterZ , have gone on to become acclaimed in their own right. One game in the series, however, was far different from any other.

Given full access to the characters' vast powers and abilities, players could punch, kick, fly and blast energy in a 3D, third-person environment. This would give them the ability to recreate the anime and manga's dramatic fight scenes in ways that other Dragon Ball games never could.


Despite all this, the game wasn't really a Dragon Ball game at all. The third in its series, Quake III eschewed much in the way of single-player gameplay to instead focus on expansive multiplayer options.

It also offered the ability to greatly modify its engine, with everything from the game's visuals to character designs and even its field of view being changeable.

While many of these features were programmable in the game's existing engine, there was room for further modification.

From here, dedicated players used Quake III's framework to create several vastly different games. Many of these were also complete conversions, with the mods creating essentially brand-new games.

Dragon ball z online multiplayer

That's where many of the similarities ended, however. This was appropriate given the subject matter, which wouldn't have worked as well mirroring Quake's first-person shooter gameplay.

The flight, energy blasts and fast-paced action turned what was an FPS into a relatively accurate facsimile of the battles that Dragon Ball is known for.

Dragon Ball Z Games

The multiplayer game is also more focused on single combatants than the team-based gameplay of its progenitor. The gameplay was also bolstered by familiar sounds, having attack sound effects and voice acting pulled straight from the anime.

2 Player Dragon Ball Games

This conversion was a dream come true for any dyed in wool DBZ fan, since it removed many of the limitations previous Dragon Ball games suffered from, and allowed players to experience what it felt like to become their favorite characters.

Unfortunately, this was a little too good to really come true. Though Bid for Power was a free to download, non-profit mod, that didn't ease its unofficial nature.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Thus, the released version of the game saw some major cosmetic differences. Though the general gameplay was the same, the official Dragon Ball characters couldn't be included.

Instead, the game featured completely original characters, many of whom still sported a Dragon Ball inspired aesthetic. On top of that, many of the maps still had locations related to Dragon Ball, most notably Kami's familiar Lookout.

Though this was the way things had to be in the "official" release of Bid for Power, that didn't stop fans. The easily modified nature of the game meant that players could simply find downloadable packs of DBZ assets online and put them in the game, quickly turning it back into the game it was meant to be.

The unofficial nature of the game, combined with having to downplay its origins, meant that it doesn't rank high on the list of great Dragon Ball Z games. The fans who played it, however, continue to see it as one of the best adaptations of the series' frantic fighting.

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