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Why is no one talking about chapter 7?(spoiler alert)

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Liam had been playing football at a high level and began training at the gym to supplement his fitness. Undefeated Between and Liam moved through the divisions from featherweight 52kg through to light-welterweight During this period Liam took the W.

O world title from Italian champion Emannuel Di Profetis; becoming a world champion himself at only 19 by technical knockout. Last minute injury caused the defending champion Massimo Rizzoli to pull out and the title vacated.

In spite of the late replacement opponent and fighting under different rules no elbows, clinch and low kick rules Liam proved he could already come up strong against much more experienced fighters.

Now as a World champion Liam set his sights on even more challenging opponents. Liam soon added to his regional S. A belt the European title of the same organisation; when victorious against reigning European champion Mohamed Ajuou of the Netherlands.

He would also lose his next fight, although taking place back in the UK, to Omnoi stadium champion Duwao Kongidom later in Harrison knocked Duwao down in the second round with a left hook but the Thai got back to his fight and continued to dominate to a points win. He said in another interview it was following these defeats he decided to train in Thailand to perfect his technique and nullify the advantage the Thais had over him, particularly in the clinch.

Liam Gallagher quotes that prove he's a comic genius

This fight took place at Super Welterweight 68kg and the Russian who is naturally larger was also more a experienced fighter at that stage. Light Welterwight title under Liam was once again back in the ring just 2 weeks on against another Thai opponent at the Patong stadium.

Liam won by TKO when the referee stopped the fight, again in round two.

The fight took place again at the Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok, sadly once again his opponent was awarded the win by decision.

Western fighters rarely observe this tradition, however; Liam always perform the Ram Muay. Liam Harrison is definitely one of the most gracious and strong fighters out there.

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C World Title Over the course of Liam fought another 8 times both in Thailand and at home in the UK, whilst also successfully defending the under 68kg title Patong Stadium title along the way. F World title. He won all of these including 2 by early stoppage. Although a tight fight Saenchai won by unanimous decision.

Liam met Anuwat in Jamaica for this bout which saw Liam lose his W.

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  • Everdusk Company Sergeant Abraham Burden "Ecuk's neutrality and worshipping of justice, science and truth over all things. I can respect that.
  • Liam is blond and has long hair running down the right side of his face. His hair is cropped on the left side of his skull due to a cybornetic implation.
  • Kim and Amanda, arriving in Paris.

Sagetdao is a veteran of fights as professional with wins over Saenchai, Nong-O, Singdam and Jomthong to name but a handful. Liam met Anuwat for a rematch again in in Manchester. Proving once again that his will is as strong as his leg kicks, Liam defeated Anuwat this time on points, and regained his world.

Pete Doherty challenges Liam Gallagher to a boxing match:

Unwilling to accept this defeat, Liam met Saenchai again in for the Muay Thai Warriors Welterweight 65kg title , only to lose after another close fight by decision. Liam was too strong for the man considered to be one of the best pound for pound Nak Muay outside of Thailand.

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Tough at the top The end of , where Liam meet Saenchai for the third time saw the start of a 4 bout losing spree. He tells his side of the story in the lead up to his only ever first round stoppage defeat against Mosab Amrani in the podcast at Muay-Thai-Guy.

In , he won against another world Muay Thai champion, Houcine Bennoui, at the Yokkao 8, a world champion himself. Liam managed to turn the balance when he met Malaipet Sasiprapa at the Lion Fight 23 in Los Angeles, in July this year where he won by split decision in the fifth round.

Singdam is another world class and dangerous opponent, Lumpinee Boxing Champion, renowned for his technical fighting style and powerful right kick. Liam is arguably the only westerner who can get in ring with the top fighters at 65kg.

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