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He was adamant that everything used in the film, from the cars, to the weapons, to the products, were all American made. Since it was an ode to consumerism and the perils of it, he wanted everything American made, like the citizen's of Earth's peril was of their own making. If he felt that the rich and powerful were exploiting the working poor and everyone else not of the then opulent middle class, he needed to go to the scene of the carnage. Roddy Piper's Nada character is a working drifter, going from town to town with everything he owns on his back, looking to work as a day laborer.

10 Things You Might Not Know About John Carpenter's Cult Classic They Live

Best Alley Fight Scenes

It stars a professional wrestler Roddy Piper, who passed away last year and contains one of the most epic fight scenes ever. But did you know According to a interview with the Nerdist : I went as a fan; a wrestling fan. So I met him, and he was a really nice guy.

Why The Fight Scene Matters In John Carpenter’s They Live

We hit it off well, you know, I had been a wrestling fan since I was a kid, so we had much to talk about, and Roddy was trying to make a move out of wrestling, trying to get into acting.

So I agreed to meet him and he was very nice, and we just went from there. You want a roll?

Roddy Piper Discusses the Fight Scene in ‘They Live’

Want to star in my next movie? Can I have some more champagne? According to interviews on the They Live Blu-ray, Carpenter drew inspiration for the clash from a similarly memorable brawl in The Quiet Man, a John Ford film in which John Wayne plays a retired boxer.

Nada: I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

According to Piper in a interview , however, there was a key difference between the fights in The Quiet Man and They Live: [The Quiet Man] was a fight scene between two enemies. John wanted the longest fight scene in cinema history between two friends. And he gets mad and he busts a wine bottle and comes after me, but ends up cutting his own hand.

And that makes me laugh and makes him madder and then he dives and we go over the car. So, those beats in it were very important because it showed, even during the fight, that these guys kind of cared for each other.

The actual location of the alley is Mercury Court between W 7th and W 6th Streets and Hill and Olive Streets; as the extensive photos at this movie-locations blog suggest, the spot today is just as grimy as it was in Years later, of course, the fight was spoofed in a memorable South Park episode.

  • His larger than life persona delighted many a generation of wrestling fans, and if there ever was a Heel wrestling speak for a bad guy hall of fame, he would have an entire wing dedicated to him.
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  • Bringing a gravity and weight to his co-leading role as a man who has left his family behind in Detroit and traveled to California in the hopes of finding employment while living in a makeshift homeless community , David is the magnetic heart and soul of They Live, which was his second collaboration with Carpenter following his debut turn in The Thing. Yahoo Entertainment: It has been 30 years since They Live.
  • A thrilling, funnily written SF action flick was dressed in the garments of a B-movie, honoring the films Carpenter grew up on, but what was hidden barely beneath its cheesy surface was an ingeniously simple and straightforward but effective subversive film that stands out as one of the most memorable and most influential counterculture movies of the decade. The premise is as simple as this: an unemployed American everyman comes across a special set of sunglasses that enable him to look at the world and see what it really is: a dollar-ridden circus of mass consumption, advertising and subliminal messaging that condition inert, sleeping citizens to spend money, consume and breed.
  • At five and a half minutes, it remains one of the longest fight scenes in cinema history.

Carpenter says he plucked it from a book of one-liners that Piper kept handy whenever he needed to do an interview hyping an upcoming wrestling match. That was it.

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No more than that. The store had to actually be built to facilitate all of those tiny, truth-revealing labels everywhere in every shot.

Lovecraft creation Henry Armitage; Carpenter would later pay further tribute to the author with the film In the Mouth of Madness.

  • The website's critical consensus reads: "A politically subversive blend of horror and sci fi, They Live is an underrated genre film from John Carpenter. Carpenter seems to be trying to make a real point here, the flatness of They Live is doubly disappointing.
  • The aliens are among us, their message is everywhere, and we ignore it.
  • The conflict staged is not between Nada or Frank—Piper and David themselves offer no one-to-one correlation to respective political positions—but between narrative and attraction, the two tendencies that have most defined cinema in the century and some change of its existence.
  • Both men are watching the film together for the first time in twelve years. Piper knows this because the camera guy missed it and they had to do it twice.
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Why the nom de screen? In , the filmmaker explained to Entertainment Weekly : It was a reaction to seeing my name all over these movies.

I think the height of it was Christine.

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