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The Mario Tennis Aces Pre

In this action-packed sports game, up to four players can ready their rackets and choose from a number of Super Mario series characters, from the main man Mario himself to forgotten favourites like Dry Bones!

An online tournament is currently underway!

An all-star cast, a star-studded adventure! All your favourite Mario characters yes, even Chain Chomp! When they unearth an ancient tennis racket, they cast a spooky curse on poor Luigi.

Customise as many — or as few — of the gameplay options as you like!

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Getting into the competitive spirit? Best a series of challengers to emerge victorious in a classic knock-out Tournament mode!

Want to take things down a notch? Play a more authentic, stripped down game of tennis where only basic shots are allowed with simple rules, or use your Joy-Con like a tennis racket and play with motion controls in Swing Mode!

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Nintendo offering Mario Tennis Aces demo on the eShop this weekend

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Mario Tennis Aces is out June 22 on Nintendo Switch Nintendo had an online demo over the weekend A big focus on power for winning points Thanks to a beta this past weekend, Nintendo gave Switch owners the first taste of its upcoming sports title, Mario Tennis Aces. Since it was supposed to be part demo and part test of the game's network code, players only had access to a portion of the single-player and online multiplayer action that'll be available in the release version, and had to be always online for all of it.

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  • Nintendo is making it easier than ever to jump in and play. When you have it installed, you can try to practice your tennis skills against the computer, try out Online Tournament mode, check out Yoshi's Ring Shot, or test out nine characters to see which one you like playing as best.
  • News by Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor Updated on 23 June Mario Tennis Aces doesn't let you play a regular game of tennis - and some people are so upset they're trying to refund the game.
  • It'll have four playable characters at the start, with the option to unlock five more if you play well.
  • Posted on June 4, A mere six months after its announcement during the January Mini-Direct , Nintendo is gearing up to release Mario Tennis Aces in just a few short weeks. In true Nintendo fashion, the publisher was not content with keeping fans excited by merely releasing trailers and holding limited preview events for the press.
  • Gameplay[ edit ] The gameplay of Mario Tennis Aces consists of playing matches of tennis with various characters from the Super Mario series. Using the motion controls of the Joy-Con , the player is able to initiate a "zone shot", where the player can aim directly where the ball will go while the game enters a paused state.
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