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Friday, November 22, 2019 2:53:37 PM

It also lost out on millions more. Almost 3 million people watched illegal streams of the fight Saturday night, according to software security company Irdeto. The company also identified 67 on streaming websites. Here's one example of a pirated video on Instagram Live withpeople watching: Image: instagram screenshot Facebook and other social networks did remove pirated streams throughout the night. Twitter made it impossible to discover pirated streams by searching for "Mayweather" and "McGregor" on the app.

How To Watch The Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Online

This event garnered 4. You may have heard about this fight thanks to the loud, constant promotion and international press tour that stopped in four countries on two continents.

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It was a massive event — the marketing teams involved made sure of it. But what did the public think? Before, during, and after the fight, what was the overall reaction?

We looked at more than one million social media and web mentions over the last month. MayweathervsMcGregor Rumors about the fight began last year.

About 3 million people watched Mayweather vs. McGregor on pirated streams

That was then. In May , McGregor did just that. So the fight was on. But why was this so exciting? That had to do with the two fighters involved: Floyd Mayweather Many call Mayweather the best boxer of all time.

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This time, he says, for good. Conor McGregor McGregor has now boxed professionally exactly one time.

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His real profession is in mixed martial arts, which involves some of the same skills, but is in fact an entirely different sport. So why was this fight so exciting for fans? The betting odds Did McGregor stand a chance? Not really, according to Las Vegas. Numbers varied as always , but Mayweather was favored by as much as One last betting tip.

If you were confident that Mayweather would win, you could simply place a bet and win back the cost of the fight.

In other words, you could watch the fight for free. Social sentiment is a way to add context to your monitoring.

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Sentiment analysis tells you whether a mention is positive, negative, or neutral. For one, people love it when sporting giants lose. Maybe his larger-than-life personality grates on people.

So why would sentiment be negative almost equally towards both? McGregor only started boxing this year, and he was fighting maybe the best of all time.

When you think about it, that seems a little crazy. Unless he has forgotten how to box, Mayweather stops McGregor within six rounds tonight in a terribly dull fight. The whole fight was about the money Perhaps the biggest criticism of the fight as a whole was that it never should have taken place.

Illegal Streams Detected for Mayweather vs. McGregor

Floyd Mayweather had retired, and Conor McGregor had never boxed before. If not for the spectacular amount of money involved, why would either fighter want this?

This MayweatherMcGregor fight is the most obscene money grab in boxing history. McGregor is a fish in a dance contest. Sentiment towards the fight itself Despite negativity towards the fighters, conversations using the main hashtags were actually overwhelmingly positive: This is a little harder to explain, but here are a few theories, based on the mentions we looked at: It was a good fight Perhaps one reason that so many of these mentions were positive was that it was actually a decent fight.

It lasted into the 10th round, and McGregor managed to connect on some punches. The fact that he held his own was received well by viewers.

That was amazing! Why do you think sentiment was negative towards the fighters, but positive towards the fight? So we can see whether men and women felt the same way about the fighters.

Just guessing, but it makes sense that women would have a particularly strong dislike for the fighter.

Periscope delivers blow to pay

But again, it grows for McGregor as well. So what have we learned? Maybe if we analyzed every tweet from when he went to prison , we would see a clear trend. Monitoring tools can be a valuable part of this.

People may have illegally streamed Mayweather vs McGregor fight ‘inadvertently’

Choose the best monitoring tool for your brand. Fav for Fellaini pic.

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