Pay Per View Fight On Direct Tv

Sunday, January 12, 2020 9:40:06 AM

What are you looking for? Not all speeds available in all areas.

[DIRECTV] PPV with no phone line

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships

I called DTV, and they said it didn't work because my account was not originally set up with one. They made the change to my account to include the internet connection and in a few minutes everything was working as it should.

Seems like if they don't know you are connected on the net, their system will not recognize you.

DIRECTV NOW Will Soon Add a Paid DVR Option & Pay

Call DTV again. I will and see what they say. Ok, I called DTV. Customer Service had to transfer me to a higher tier support because they didn't quite understand what I was asking.

How to watch Spence

I was transferred to a very nice person in tech support. All the tech support person did was make a change so I can order PPV with my remote normally only available if you have a phone line , as well as the Interweb.

He said I should not have any problem with a banner staying on the screen since my units can successfully contact DTV. I told him I will rent a movie this weekend and see if it works correctly or not now.

Glad you got it figured out.. But that is odd. I have Directv and my receivers have NEVER been connected in anyway but through the internet and I never had to call tech to do anything. At least I can not remember doing so.

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