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Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:47:12 PM

GGG, 37, dropped his challenger in the first round, but was then pushed to the limit in a thriller at Madison Square Garden. There are so many great champions here. But some of his his fellow professionals thought the result should have gone to Derevyanchenko.

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Winner is coming. Gennady Golovkin: Round 12 Golovkin lands a left right away in the opening seconds of the final stanza.

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Golovkin still has pop in his punches and he is landing power shots now. Alvarez trying to respond, but he doesn't have the speed or power to get Golovkin's respect.

Golovkin standing in front of him and they are exchanging. Another sneaky uppercut finds a home for Golovkin. Alvarez cannot get the clean punches to land. Nice combination from Alvarez as Golovkin tries to dodge. Straight right from Golovkin. Golovkin lands a final shot in the final 10 seconds. Both fighters are exhausted.

Bleacher Report scores the round: Golovkin. Bleacher Report scores the fight: Golovkin. Clock Icon am Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin: Round 11 Golovkin right back out on the attack. He wants to put him away.

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Golovkin quick on the counter right to stymie Alvarez. Golovkin now has Alvarez backing up. Golovkin connecting more and more. Alvarez taking it.

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Now he's coming back and throwing in response. He will not wilt. Golovkin's confidence is growing as he blocks the oncoming offense.

Alvarez gets to the body again, but he needs more. More volume, more damage.

He is falling behind. Gennady Golovkin: Round 10 Short right uppercut from Golovkin. Not a lot of power with it.

Alvarez gritting through this fight now. He wants to go for it. Golovkin's composure to stick to technique could be the difference. Excellent combination lands for Golovkin.

He's attacking in spades now. He senses Alvarez is hurt. Alvarez stands strong and begins to answer! Golovkin shakes his head no after an Alvarez score. Alvarez coming forward again, but he is losing the volume that made him dangerous in the early rounds.

Good right over the top from Golovkin. That may be the most clear round of the night and it is the champion who brings it down!

Gennady Golovkin: Round 9 Good action in the opening 30 seconds of the ninth, but some errant strikes. They are opening up with the offense. The fatigue is keeping them off the mark. Alvarez covering up as Golovkin peppers him with shots looking for an opening.

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Output dropping here in the ninth for Alvarez. Nice right sneaks through for Alvarez.

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Golovkin scores with a clean left that caught Alvarez off guard a bit. Gennady Golovkin: Round 8 Alvarez throwing more.

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Nice right hook to the head of Golovkin. Alvarez may sense he needs to get a round back. Golovkin still utilizing his key weapon - the jab. Alvarez turning the tempo up briefly while attacking the body. If Golovkin fades it could turn into a runaway. Golovkin just misses with a left.

Long jab from Golovkin. Another tight round. Golovkin may have stolen it late, but Alvarez got the harder shots early. Bleacher Report scores the round: Alvarez.

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Gennady Golovkin: Round 7 Golovkin briefly takes the center at the start of the seventh. But Alvarez marches back to take it back. Nice jab from Golovkin. Alvarez holding the center but eating jabs. He hasn't turned it up to land his power shots. Golovkin circles away.

Alvarez heads down to the body again. Another nice short uppercut from Golovkin at the end of a blocked combination. Gennady Golovkin: Round 6 Alvarez attacks the body again with his left hook.

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