Ufc Fight Night 124 Live Updates

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 8:27:34 PM

Stephens is in his career, but he has lost five of his last eight bouts, while Choi is and coming off a loss to Cub Swanson. Choi and Uriah Hall vs. Vitor Belfort. Jeremy Stephens Choi comes into this fight with a record of but he has not fought since losing to Swanson in December of

UFC Fight Night ‘Stephens vs. Choi’: Live stream et résultats dès 0h30 (fr)

Top welterweight contenders cross paths as well, with Kamaru Usman facing Emil Meek, with a fight against a top 5 welterweight in the offing.

Uriah Hall Forced Out Of Bout Against Vitor Belfort

Main card Jeremy Stephens vs. Doo Ho Choi Round 1: Both men started cautiously, with Stephens showing respect to Choi, and not starting callously as he had done in the past. Both men then clinched, as Stephens went to the body with some crisp shots.

Neither fighter gave anything away, as round one ended with Stephens throwing more, and staying active. They're exchanging in round 2!!

UFC Fight Night ‘Stephens vs. Choi’ Play

Here we go again!! Both fighters slipped, but Jeremy got into this own, tagging Doo Ho Choi with some excellent jabs. Jeremy then connected with a big over hand right, sending Choi to the mat.

LilHeathenMMA gets the 2nd round finish!!

Jessica Rose-Clark Round 1: Paige tried to use her switch kick that she used to beat Bec Rawlins, as Jessica and Paige were more than happy to engage, with Jessica connected with a good right.

JRC controlled the fight from the top position, and tried to go for an arm triangle, but Paige managed to get her arms out of position. Jessica and PVZ clinched, with Jessica securing a takedown once again, getting the top control.

There was a brief stagnation in the activity, as Yamasaki told both the fighters to be active. Spinning back fast landed by PVZ. PVZ went for a high knee and switch kicks, while Jessica maintained her distance to stay away from the kicking range. Paige still threw with her right, as JRC relied on her counter strikes, waiting patiently for PVZ to over — commit before landing with her rights.

JRC threw a body kick and a left hand to end the third round. Usman then dominated Meek on the ground, piling pressure on him, using his grappling to obtain top control.

UFC Fight Night Play by play updates, live results

While Meek tried to fight off his back, throwing short forearms and elbows, it was all Usman, as he ended the round in a dominant position. The second round went much like the first, with Kamaru having the positional control, working on Emil from the top.

Elbows on Elbows on Elbows!! Kamaru showed off his strength, as Meek tried to connect with elbows. Usman, however, managed to ground Meek again, and showed his dominance on the ground.

By the end of the fight, it was clear that Usman, being the more dominant grappler, had the fight in his pocket. Michael Johnson Round 1: Michael Johnson made his featherweight debut against the man that made the comeback of the year in !

Johnson immediately proved his boxing prowess, with his heavy output putting Elkins under pressure. The gritty veteran stayed in the fight, while Johnson poured on the punches, and ended the round one in dominant fashion.

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