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Monday, September 9, 2019 10:56:35 AM

Tuesday A few clouds. On Instagram alone, she's got nearly 2 million admirers.

Cox Sells Radio Stations, Rep Group to Apollo

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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. With Thursday's announcement that David Wright will return to the majors for the final homestand of the season and take the field one last time in the Mets' Sept.

The celebration is an evening awards event on Thursday, Nov. What advice about community engagement and career attainment would you give to someone who wants to achieve such an honor? Atlanta is such an amazing and connected city. I can't emphasize how important it is for people to get involved in any community organization or event that they are passionate about.

My colleagues and I always emcee events and volunteer because it's a great way for us to get out in the community and meet the people who watch and support our station.

It's so rewarding to go help out at an event, be approached by someone who needs my help and then getting action for them. The power of media and telling stories that need to be told is incredible.

Please share a person under 40 you admire, and why you admire them. I admire all of our young entrepreneurs and the young police officers I meet while covering stories.

What Happened To The Weather Channel On Tv

But in the back of his mind, he knew he didn't want to be an attorney and wanted to help protect the people he grew up with. During a police ride-a-long one night where I was wearing a bullet-proof vest, I ran into Officer Smith where he had a smile on his face at 2 a.

I admire people like Officer Smith I don't know how they do it! What skills and attributes can a person under 40 bring to a workplace that will help a business grow? I think they can obviously bring in fresh, new ideas.

David wright announcement

Young people also see the world differently than those who are older and wiser than us. While that can be bad in some ways, for us in the media, it can help us understand which stories to cover that will interest young and old. I've watched our web desk grow from two to more than 14 and most of them are under 30 too!

That's not by accident.

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We live in a social world and if businesses are not humanizing themselves, relating to their customers and speaking their language, it will catch up to them.

Name the top priority for improving metro Atlanta in the future, and why. A lot of my colleagues think I'm crazy on this, but I'm big on fixing Atlanta's traffic problems in a creative way.

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In Atlanta, we can't expand out or dig below. It's too costly.

WikiLeaks founder Assange due in court to face extradition

I think we need trams and gondolas connecting Downtown-Midtown-Buckhead. I did a story about this and we went to Portland, Oregon, where the Portland Aerial Tram has been a great success.

I think we really need to start thinking outside the box and cut out the stale ideas.

Trams could be fun, a lot cheaper and since we are the 'city in the forest', we should ride above it and enjoy the view! Ranked by companywide revenue Rank.

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