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Many smart watches and fitness trackers have just such a feature built in and you can easily take advantage of it with just a few settings tweaks. There are two practical reasons for switching to or at least complimenting your traditional alarm with a silent alarm.

How to Use Your Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker as a Silent Alarm Clock

Android Watch Timer:

Published: 08 July, The Timex Sports watch gets its name from the 1, minutes in one day. It is available in men's, women's and unisex styles, and in many colors. The watch synchronizes with the atomic clock, so you don't have to manually set the time.

Setting up your Sports watch involves a one-time synchronization process.

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Set your city location and daylight savings time settings. Press and hold the "Set" button. The city code letters will start flashing. Press the "Mode" button.

All Watch Manuals and Instructions

Press "Set" to complete the process. Activate the receiver to synchronize with the atomic clock. Press and hold "Receive.

The 7 Best Women’s Sports Watches of

At the top of the display, a receiver level indicator will show how strong the signal is. Place the watch on a flat surface.

Rotate it, slowly, 90 degrees until you get the best reception. Leave the watch in this position until the "T" stops flashing, indicating that reception is complete. This process may take several minutes. Switch between and hour time format.

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Press and hold the "Mode" button to change the time format. Activate the stopwatch function. Use the timer. Set the countdown time.

Activity & Sleep Watch

Press "Set. Press "Set" when you are done.

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