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All Out!! [Anime Review]

Aired: Oct 7, to Mar 31, Season of Release: Fall Source: Manga. Genres: Sports, School, Seinen.

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Synopsis: The story follows Kenji Gion, a small, short-tempered, hyperactive freshman in Kanagawa High School who, alongside his classmate Iwashimizu, decide to join the school rugby team. There he meets the determined and fearsome captain Sekizan, the caring and easy going sub-captain Hachiouji, along a mishmash of other players who, together, will stride to overcome their differences and, by working and growing together, becoming the best.

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With the basic information out of the way, we head right into the review! As seen in the synopsis, this sports anime follows a rugby team that starts off with a heterogeneous personality, and 0 unity between the members. Practice starts, and we see Gion struggle with even the basics of rugby, not even knowing the rules of the game.

The story moves on, and we see the first match the team has, against Keijo High, one of the Top 4 teams in the prefecture.

During the training session following their defeat, an old man appears, and presents himself as Komori Shingo, former national team coach, and agrees with Sekizan to be their coach.

Under his wing, the team starts working harder than ever, and slowly but surely they being to improve. After training under the new coach another match, against Todo-Dai Sagami, which placed 2nd in the prefecture.

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After another intense game, the team is defeated again, but the improvements they made were evident, and their morale is higher than ever. As the story continues, they keep training hard and consistently, culminating in the summer training camp.

There they have many matches, experienced their first win, and end the camp playing against the B team of the school that won the national competition last year.

They lose their final match, but they go all out, put their soul into the game, and at the very end, the captain for the A team, the best player in the country, praises them as worthy rivals, and challenges them to meet again.

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We see their journey, they get a new coach and get to see them improve. They still lose matches, but their morale and spirit improves, and so does their technique and play style.

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They also win games, but never are cocky or get complacent. This is the most realistic approach in a team game, and even more so with rugby, where team play is everything. This is exactly the reason for the score I gave, their growth through the anime is incredible, but never unrealistic.

  • Create New All Out!! It began serialization in Kodansha's magazine Monthly Morning Two in , and got adapted into a 2-cour anime television series by Madhouse and TMS Entertainment that started airing in the Fall Anime season.
  • The day of the Jinko High entrance ceremony; Gion Kenji, a first year insecure about his height, decides to join the rugby team after watching the team practice.
  • The two of them were lying on the bed, and the only thing that were being exchanged were looks.
  • Introduction and Story Spoilers Gion Kenji has always been a bit insecure about his height.
  • If you want to watch this because it's a sports anime, don't bother, but if Rugby is the only premise that is strong enough for you to keep watching, then go for it. That was why i initially started watching.

The episodes were very enjoyable, and the nostalgia I felt when seeing them practicing or playing made me happy. Big, bulky guys with a lot of muscle and sharp, menacing faces is exactly what rugby is about.

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The animation of the matches were very good, the movements felt fluid and real, the technique used was also neat and, overall, the anime was very pleasing to watch.

This made for exciting moments to watch, and while watching this anime I found myself wanting more matches, more action and more epic moments from our cast.

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The development of the characters in All Out!! In the end, they took the best possible approach they could with the time in episode amount they had, they gave great development to the main and important characters, while developing the rest of the cast to a lesser extent, this way having them as a whole evolve and grow together.

Bringing to the spotlight, we can see this with the man himself, Gion. This lights a fire inside him, a willingness to improve, which carries on through the rest of the anime. The final point to touch regarding the development of character is about the team as a whole.

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Though effort and rigorous training, the players started to understand each other, and friendships bloomed. I, being a rugby player myself, can attest to this, the way the sport was portrayed in this anime was done perfectly. When watching this anime, I felt that the sense of camaraderie seen between these lovable idiots was an exact copy of what I feel in my team.

Overall Score: 8. The story is spectacularly well executed though the ending makes it seem there will be a season 2 within the 25 episode slot, the animation and art style is great, and the individual development of the characters is done magnificently well.

Not only that, but the anime in itself is entertaining, funny at times , and accurately captured the meaning and essence of the sport. Watching this anime ignited my passion for the game, and thanks to it making me get back into the game, brought me happiness I had once lost.

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Well guys, this has been all for this time! Thanks for taking the time off your day to read my review, I hope you enjoyed it! Cya next time!

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