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Ping pong diplomacy was a popular term in relations with the United States and China years ago and now another term could be added in for North Korea, as former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman took a trip to the Communist nation this week. According to the Associated PressRodman met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un on Thursday, his third day in North Korea, taking in Pyongyang and telling the leader, who is a known basketball and Chicago Bulls fan, "you have a friend for life," a delegation spokesman said. Rodman is the most well-known American to meet with the leader since he took power in December of and Kim is known as a big fan of Rodman when he was playing with the Bulls.

VICE Streaming Live: Focus on NBA Star Rodman, North Korea &

In recent history, we have seen momentous examples of just how powerful a force sports can be when used strategically to repair severed relations amongst nations, villages, and local communities. Immediately upon arrival in one of the most isolated countries in the world, the media frenzy began and tons of criticism followed.

One must remember, cultural diplomacy should not be misconstrued as political posturing, albeit beneficial to relationship building, political mediation, traditionally relayed by way of heads of states, should remain our process and not applauding the antics of ad hoc ambassadors such as Dennis Rodman.

  • To host the FIBA World Cup is to publicly perform a kind of cultural diplomacy, trumpeting the communication, representation, and negotiation that occurs in and around the court.
  • The retired NBA Hall-of-Famer told reporters at the airport that he is unsure whether he will meet with his friend Kim and the White House adamantly denied last week that Rodman has any official role in the summit, but Rodman told reporters Monday that he is "just happy to be a part of it because I think I deserve it. Kim, who took power following the death of his father in , is a diehard basketball fan with a special affection for the Chicago Bulls, and apparently he had a soft spot for Rodman, who was part of the Bulls during Michael Jordan's legendary reign.
  • Dennis Rodman: Jailed American not my problem Story highlights He reportedly says that Kim's daughter's name is Ju Ae Rodman has just returned from his second visit to North Korea this year A North Korea expert says it's too early to talk about whether the baby is a likely heir Eccentric former basketball star Dennis Rodman may not have brought imprisoned American Kenneth Bae back with him from North Korea, but he did emerge with something to announce.
  • Basketball has provided a common language that brought the two leaders closer together.
  • Sports diplomacy — the mixture of sport, politics and diplomacy — has been viewed as a component of public diplomacy at all levels.
  • A love of the game shared by Kim Jong Il and his successor, current North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has on occasion put basketball on the same bench as nuclear warfare in top level talks between the U.

President and ending a year separation between the two countries. Had it not been for the worldwide bonding agent embedded throughout sport culture, the developing U.

  • A minute documentary on the unexpected piece of basketball diplomacy will air on June 14 on HBO as the final episode of VICE's first season, and was previewed for some reporters on Wednesday. The North Korean leader loves basketball so much that he overlooked the government's antipathy for VICE founder Shane Smith, who had made two critical documentaries on North Korea, and invited the crew in.
  • But there were doubts surrounding the images of his trip supplied by the North Korean propoganda machine as one featuring a disembodied hand appeared to be photoshopped.
  • North and South Korea joined forces for their first basketball friendly in 15 years on Wednesday amid a warming of
  • While Mr. Rodman has attracted a media circus in the Western press, his trip is making far fewer waves in South Korea.
  • All rights reserved. Rodman, wearing dark glasses and a black baseball cap with USA on it, sat to the left of Kim.
  • The VICE-led delegation arrived in the basketball-crazed city Pyongyang today for a week-long trip that will include running a basketball camp for North Korean children and engaging in community-based games to encourage openness and better relations with the outside world. Additionally, there may be a top-level scrimmage to be attended by Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.

The universal language of sports created an opportunity to engage in diplomacy; both governments seized the moment and the rest is history. In , Nelson Mandela, then president of South Africa, saw an opportunity to employ the popular rugby sport as a tool to unite a largely racially segregated South Africa.

Rodman Worms His Way Into Kim Jong Un Meeting

Apartheid had cast a dark cloud over the South African nation for more than four decades, but by using sports as a common uniting mechanism, rugby consequently became an instrument of social change and a beacon of light so desperately needed by a country on the brink of social and political change.

The U.

HBO decided to add what Mr.

During their visit, the group participated in educational sessions on conflict resolution, nutrition, and disability sports, all of which are valuable skills that each participant will share with their peers in Burma. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations, the State Department stresses the importance of building lasting relationships, expanding beyond the cameras and traditional photo ops that diplomacy exchanges attract.

This also signals an important message to our allies, partners, and all those that seek to destroy freedom and liberty, the message that U.

Dennis Rodman’s VICE TV crew bragged Kim Jong

During early March , U. Embassy in Kabul.

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During the meeting, he was given a locally made soccer ball and immediately began putting it to use. At one point he was seen heading a soccer passing technique using the head, for all the non-jocks the soccer ball with a female Afghan soccer team player.

Cowan, who was nineteen years old, had a mop of brown hair that fell to his shoulders and a toothy grin.

This gesture gives assurance that Secretary Kerry understands the connection that resides within sports culture and will continue supporting Sports Diplomacy as his predecessors.

Having the opportunity to travel abroad and interact with different nations along with people of diverse cultures offers the opportunity to learn and diversify our understanding of the world.

25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy

Simultaneously, person-to-person contact often confirms or negates stereotypes that are undoubtedly inoculated in the minds of those residing in countries whose leaders choose to draw on ancient fear mongering tactics to control media coverage and the overall message that citizens receive; handicapping any potential at cultural diplomacy engagement.

To achieve success, as traditionally sought after in the sport realm, Sports Diplomacy requires a long-term investment by both parties as was the case in China and South Africa.

Instead, the mission, one with the sole intent of producing a documentary, turned out to be more like a unauthorized and unwarranted withdrawal from an already unstable relationship between North Korea and the United States, a mere distraction and deterrent towards a progressive relationship; instead made for Saturday Night Live SNL fodder.

Dennis Rodman cannot be given responsibility for decades of loaded threats from North Korea; he is however responsible for failing to utilize an influential form of diplomacy that should not be poisoned by the allure of celebrity, but respected for its polarizing gains as a cultural diplomacy asset.

Sports Diplomacy is a powerful international relations builder and must be deployed with caution and the intent to invest in constructing relationships and promoting peace around the globe. It has the power to inspire.

It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Xi Jinping's sport diplomacy

Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair. Sport speaks to people in a language they can understand. He traveled for the Department of State to more than 40 countries and conducted cultural exchange programs in over cities and provinces.

Faulkner is a Business Development professional for a large government defense contractor and he serves as a Senior Advisor to the Humpty Dumpty Institute on Sports Diplomacy.

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