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That streak has been led by many of the most memorable players in the history of a program whose track record for producing top-level talent stretches back more than 60 years. Maurice Evans 1 of 50 Shooting guard Maurice Evans earns his place on this list for his NBA longevity, but his lone season in Austin after transferring from Wichita State was certainly a successful one.

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Jake Abel Stephenie Meyer The writer from Scottsdale became a literature celebrity for her vampire-romance Twilight book series. Stephenie Meyer, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut, isn't a new resident to the Valley.

  • Is this it for Melo? I am putting this on the record.
  • Early career[ edit ] Carr grew up in Washington, D. As a Junior All Met, Carr scored points in 24 games.
  • Founding Chairwoman of the Genomic Medicine Institute Genetics matter Marfan syndrome affects around 1 in 5, people.
  • A standard EKG during a routine exam for the NBA draft revealed an abnormality, and further genetic testing showed he has Marfan syndrome. But what is that exactly?
  • Southland Conference Player of the Year

Having been raised in Scottsdale and a graduate from Chaparral High School, Meyer moved into her 3,square-foot Cave Creek home in with her husband, where they are raising three sons.

Doug Stanhope performing in his hometown of Bisbee.

Austin Dufault

Randi Lynn Beach Doug Stanhope When caustic stand-up comic Doug Stanhope isn't touring clubs around the country, he lives with his girlfriend Amy "Bingo" Bingaman in a rainbow-colored domicile known as the "Fun House" in the southern Arizona mining town of Bisbee.

Fans of the comedian probably already know this, since he records his outstanding weekly podcast there most of the time and hosts an annual Super Bowl party at the place. Arie Luyendyk Jr. After the two married, they moved into their remodeled 2,square-foot ranch house in Phoenix in , where they raise their baby girl, Alessi, when they're not creating a social media controversy.

Bret Michaels during a performance in Scottsdale in Jim Louvau It's a move that probably has kept him alive. Michaels credits the docs at St. Joseph Hospital's Barrow Neurological Institute, who "pretty much saved my life" after enduring a brain hemorrhage and heart issues in Posing for a photo with Daniel Bryan.

Benjamin Leatherman 9. Danica Patrick This world-famous race car driver and star of Go Daddy's trashy Super Bowl commercials lives pretty large in her 7,square-foot mansion near Taliesin West in north Scottsdale.

Jim Louvau 7. As the singer told New Times in , he digs the climate which shouldn't be surprising, considering that he hails from rainy ol ' England , our "maverick" spirit, and the beauty of the desert. Rock on.

NBA star's stunning Austin mansion is a $5 million slam dunk

Courtesy of J. Horner 6.

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Charles Barkley At various points over the past couple of decades, this outspoken NBA great made rumblings about running for governor of his home state of Alabama.

In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy the hell out of Barkley's shenanigans like when he took over a Channel 15 news broadcast and hope he doesn't wind up getting busted by the cops again for DUI when he's out partying in Scottsdale.

  • Email: radelman mpowersportsgroup. For her professional athletes, Rebecca advises on business opportunities and growth strategies to create present and future financial security and lasting legacies.
  • The Virginia basketball team is playing in the National Championship game for the first time in program history on Monday night.
  • Mission The Isaiah Austin Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides support for the awareness and research of Marfan syndrome and those affected by it.
  • Katherine Fan Mar 30, This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers.

Jim Louvau 5. Alice Cooper As if his charity events, appearances in commercials, or other local endeavors haven't clued you in, Alice Cooper is a proud resident of the Valley.

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The shock-rocking favorite son got his start here, dating back to his days as a member of The Spiders on The Wallace and Ladmo Show, and he's become a high-profile celeb and a Republican, to boot around these parts. And it wasn't another case of some outspoken Hollywood celebrity passing judgment from afar, as the LGBT activist and Star Trek actor is a part-time resident of our state.

Takei and his husband, Brad Altman, have owned residences near Show Low for more than a decade and spend several weeks a year vacationing there.

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