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Sky subscribers can enjoy the action on the Sky Go and Sky Sports streaming apps at the same resolution. That or head down to a pub. The SonyLiv video-on-demand platform will also air the Ashes as one of the many sports, entertainment and movie shows available on its iOS and Android apps.

NZ Streaming Boxes

Updates are not complicated either: As long as your device is connected to the Internet, it will search for software updates and install them automatically.

You can contact them by calling or emailing the customer support team or by initiating live chat.

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It is the best choice for anyone on a budget! It usually comes in the form of a small box or in some cases a stick, and you can plug it into almost any television via an HDMI cable. Like all gadgets, Android TV boxes come with different firmware, hardware, specs, customer support, etc.

Before you can find the right Android box, here are some factors you should consider. Android 6.

The best TV streaming boxes to buy

While most manufacturers are updating their products regularly, there are still some that use the older OS versions. Devices running the outdated operating systems are usually cheaper, but newer OS come with bug fixes, improved performance, and support for the future.

In , make sure your chosen box comes with at least Android 7. Support There are lots of generic devices on the market that come with seemingly good specs but non-existing customer support.

International TV Channels & Packages

That may be an issue if you pick a TV box you have to set up and customize yourself. Nvidia and Skystream have very good support teams according to their existing customers. Surprisingly, even in , not all manufacturers offer firmware updates!

Or if they do the process is too complicated for most non-technical users: You would need to download the file to your computer, transfer it to a USB key or SD card, then copy it to your streaming device and update it manually.

To avoid the hassle, make sure your chosen model offers firmware updates over the air OTA. To stream standard definition content, you need at least 3Mbps of download speed. If you are not sure of your Internet connection speed, either ask your Internet services provider or do a speed test.

Ethernet vs. As I mentioned above, streaming higher resolutions requires a faster Internet connection, but video quality can still vary greatly if you stream it over WiFi vs. The best option is to use the cable, but if this is not an option make sure your WiFi box comes with a dual-band router for more power.

Most models on the market today only support speeds from 10 to Mbps.

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If you have set up a home theatre system and want the full home cinema experience, your chosen box should have at least 5. If you intend to only use your TV speakers, this feature is not that important. Anyway, most Android TV boxes these days come with some kind of passthrough ability, and many are 5.

Make sure your chosen box comes with 2 or 3 ports and that at least one of them is USB 3. USB 3. Only the 3. HDMI 2. The newer 2. What is an Android TV Box? An Android TV box is a simple box that you can use to watch videos and play games. It is running on the same operating system that many smartphones run on — Android.

Setting up your new Android box is super easy.

Fox Sports (Southeast Asian TV network)

First, plug all the cables as instructed and then connect it to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet basically the same process as connecting your phone to your network. Android TV boxes are very similar to Android phones and tablets, so they work in the same way.

Besides downloading apps from the Google Play Store, you can also use Android boxes to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, play games, browse the Internet, and so much more. After set-up is complete, you can start downloading games and apps.

It is suitable for those who only want to watch movies and TV shows in 4k.

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