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This string will get you close to having the best of both worlds. Head N. As the saying goes, opposites attract. The company includes parts of several previously independent companies, including Head Ski Company, founded in Delaware, United States, in ; Tyrolia, an Austrian ski-equipment manufacturer; and Mares, an Italian manufacturer of diving equipment.

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But who can you trust to help you on your tennis racket journey? What do you need from a racket?

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This might seem like an obvious question to ask yourself but we can guarantee that not enough people really ask this before they buy a tennis racket. For example, a beautifully designed and colourful racket might entice you to buy it and then your brain will block out the potential negatives of that racket because the stronger voice in your head is the voice that loves the look.

On the other hand, you might feel you need help in producing more power. In general you will find that the wider the frame of a racket then the more power it will give you.

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This is because generally they are powerful players and capable of generating their own power rather than needing their racket to help them.

So a wide frame at the throat, as shown on the right in the image, will generally give more power than the narrower framed throat as shown by the image on the left.

As well as your own strength you should also think about your height. In general a taller player will have longer arms and therefore their swing will be longer which will generate more speed and therefore power.

What type of swing do you have Basically you will have a fast, slow or average speed swing.

Tips on buying a tennis racket (for beginner adult players)

Any tennis coach or decent tennis player will be able to look at your swing and tell you if its fast or slow or average. A faster swing will often generate more power than a slower swing in which case the racket you buy should be less powerful as your fast swing will add the power for you.

You would want more control from your racket so a narrower frame will probably be right for you. What is your style of play Are you aggressive or defensive? Most players are one or the other which will have an effect on the type of racket you should choose.

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If you are an aggressive player then you will probably want to try and hit the ball harder which means a more powerful racket might be right for you. If you are a defensive player than a lot of the time you will want to use the pace of the ball that your opponent has hit at you, in which case a narrower framed racket might be the one for you.

Obviously you should take into your body shape and your swing speed here. If you want to read a more detailed guide to tennis racket specifications then click here Head size: This will typically between square inches.

Larger heads generate more power and have a larger sweet spot thus making it easier to hit the ball well. Smaller head sizes offer more control so if you are confident that you can hit the ball cleanly and you are already quite a powerful player then a smaller head size might help.

Famously, Roger Federer moved from a smaller head to a larger head late in his career because he wanted more power from his backhand Length: Adult rackets can be anything from inches long, though most are nearer the lower end of the scale.

Longer rackets are generally lighter than standard frames, and offer more reach and more power on serve because you can hit the ball from higher up therefore being able to aim it down on a steeper angle.

But beware because a longer racket will be harder to control so make sure you are certain you can handle it before buying a long framed racket. Weight: The weight of your racket plays a major part in your swing and should therefore be a major deciding factor in the racket you buy.

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Heavier rackets g and beyond are generally are more powerful than lighter rackets g and below , but are less manoeuvrable and can wear a player out.

Head-heavy rackets are often lighter, offering added power on groundstrokes, while head-light rackets are generally heavier but more manoeuvrable. Stiffness: The racket flex on impact affects power and comfort. The stiffer a frame, the less energy is lost when hitting the ball, but sends more impact shock to your hand and arm.

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Rackets are sold in a range of grip sizes and the only way to really work out what size you want comes from holding and playing with different grips sizes and then making a note of the one you like.

The best method for determining the grip size of a tennis racket is to measure the length between the tip of the ring finger on your hitting hand and the second line on your palm. This picture shows how to do this best. On each perimeter, the ideal grip size is then assigned. These can be found in the table below.

If you are in any doubt, choose a racket with a smaller grip size than you need and then you add your own grips later on for a small cost. These overgrips are cheap and can be replaced regularly once they get worn out.

This means you can regularly have a fresh grip for little cost and therefore your grip on the racket will be stronger.

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It can be a little tricky to wrap the overgrip when you first start so maybe ask someone to show you, then the more often you do it the better you will get.

We would recommend changing your grip after every times you play depending on how sweaty you get or how worn our the grip looks. Buying the frame only without strings This is some of the most important advice we can give you before buying a racket. Be VERY careful if you buy a racket that already has the strings in it.

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  • Imballaggio perfetto, tempi rapidi!

Ok this will cost you more but we feel the difference will be huge and make a massive impact on your game.

There is nothing worse for us than seeing a player using an expensive new tennis racket with bad strings. If you think more about this topic, the strings are the material that actually connects with the ball so to not think about them or spend time getting them right is a criminal mistake.

Why do you think the professionals playing on television change their racket so often during a match?

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Buy two rackets at same time Imagine if you are playing an important match and just at the crucial moment your strings snap which they will in time. What will you do? Borrow a racket from a friend which will be completely different to your own? Stop the match and concede? This is why we suggest you always walk onto court with at least two rackets that are the same make of racket and have the same strings in the racket at the same tensions.

This way if your strings do break you can just pick up your second racket and carry on playing. Where to buy from — physical store or online We are aware that not everyone has the choice of buying their racket from a physical store as tennis racket shops are quite rare so the chances that you have one near you are slim.

But the beauty of visiting a physical store are: You can hold and feel different rackets You can ask the advice of the shop staff They might let you actually take some rackets away and test them yourself before buying But often you will get a better price when buying online.

This means that the ideal process is probably to visit your local tennis shop and try and borrow numerous rackets to try out.

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