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Monday, October 21, 2019 2:51:55 AM

High-quality Live TV stream support. VOD for Movies More than live channels from various categories and genres.

The best Chromecast apps for Google's streaming puck

The app may be free to download, but the service costs a monthly fee. Plex's best trick, however, is that it can send this stream to your Chromecast, effectively giving you a set-top box with access to any movie or TV show you can possibly imagine. If you opt for the latter then you'll see your currently playing track displayed on screen, but we imagine most people will opt to play Spotify through a Chromecast Audio to get their stereo streaming-connected.

4 Best Live TV Streaming Apps and Services for

With an increasing number of streaming speakers on the market now supporting Spotify Connect you might not need to plug in a Chromecast, but this is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade an old stereo. Perhaps unsurprisingly, being so big and so bright the channel offers a free app that works with Chromecast.

On it you'll find new episodes of the Doctor and Looper, as well as need-to-know news stories.

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  • And now with fast internet connections and quality screens for devices becoming the standard, watching live sports on your phone or tablet is more popular than ever. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then there are plenty of apps which can help you here.

Of course if you don't have your handset handy you can always stream from your laptop or tablet to the big screen, too. AllCast offers an all-in-one way to take movies, music and pictures from your small screen and shoot it to your dongle.

The best iPhone apps for live sports

The free version slots in a few annoying ads and limits video length to a few minutes, but for frugal streamers it's the easiest, most effective method to taking your content from your mobile device to the big screen. AllCast is available on iOS and Android.

Want To Watch Live Sports on Fire TV? 10 Best Sports Apps for Firestick

Only the free version is available in the UK. For that your best bet is Chrome. Like using a web browser on a desktop, the mobile versions of Google Chrome essentially mirror your screen, letting everyone around see what you're seeing on your phone.

Chrome is available for free on both iOS and Android.

big 5 sporting goods application online

With thousands of streams going on around the clock, there's always a new game to watch or streamer to laugh at. Best of all, because Twitch's app is Chromecast-enabled, the party doesn't have to stop on your small screen.

Top 10 Best Sports Apps

Whether you're an eSports fan, a retro enthusiast or just want to watch someone beat Super Mario World in under 27 minutes Twitch is available for free on both iOS and Android. Thankfully a recent update to the service now means that Tidal users can enjoy lossless CD-quality music around the house, which continues to leave Spotify in the dust in terms of pure music quality.

Tricky Titans.

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