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This delightfully simple 1-player game follows the tournament structure of Euro — you can compete as a player from any one of your favorite European football super-heavyweights such as Spain, Italy, Germany or Portugal. This funny ball game will really test your quick reactions, as you have to dash around on your side of the net to make sure you keep the ball off the ground. There are also cool power-ups to collect, and fun animations that are brought to life by the eccentric graphics.


Edit The rules are simple. Each player must kick the ball around and try to score more goals than the opponent until 60 seconds are up. If it's a draw, you go to sudden death.

The power bars no longer charge and you have to score on the opponent using pure skills. If you had a power shot ready it can be carried to sudden death and used once.

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The winner of the sudden death is the winner of the whole match. About the game and its modes Edit Currently, there are 6 non-multiplayer game modes : Arcade is the most interesting mode for beginners. Basically, you choose your character from the characters you have unlocked and continue fighting your way until you can choose which character you can play against.

Playing arcade is a good way to rack up points for stat upgrades. It's also a fast way to earn points. League is locked until you win against Z in Arcade. Only play Head Cup if you are good in the game, otherwise, you will just waste your points.

Death Mode is the ultimate challenge. It's harder than it looks, and you need to brace yourself for the challenge. Fight Mode is really difficult.

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If you manage to win the Mode, you will get The Game Controls are very easy, we don't think we have to explain it. For Power Shots that involve flame and fire, for example, India, when their power hits you, you combust into flame and get three question marks above your head, and your controls are reversed.

Also, you can counter a power shot return it if you press Kick just before the Power shot reaches your Character. This is an advanced method, and can be quite hard to master. However, opponents can use them too mostly the 4 characters of the 6.

Getting Started Don't be frustrated if you don't win often, the beginning of this game is really hard.

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Edit On IOS devices, you can get 5. You will be asked to leave a 5-star vote in the app store. Say 'yes', you don't have to leave a vote, simply click and then return, you'll receive your points.

Sports Heads: Football Championship

Spend them on upgrading everything once, and Jump and Survival a second time. Start off by getting Cameroon!

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Edit The first thing that you should do is get Cameroon, with the exception of downloading the game. This can be done with using South Korea to beat all the characters in Arcade up to France.

Sports Heads Soccer Championship, Big Head Soccer Games

It is considered by many the easiest character to unlock. Edit It's best to start playing in the Arcade if you are new to the game. Try to get at least 4 achievements with opponents from South Korea to Poland. You can play against Asura too by just watching a Video.

Characters you get in arcade Easy difficulty of unlocking.

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