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Haskins would carry a football in his backpack at Bullis, sometimes bringing it out in the hallway. School officials eventually asked him to leave the ball at home or in a locker. Nobody told him to change his ways on the field. Cilento said Haskins would arrive early for sessions with receivers so he could perform footwork drills.

Under his outstanding leadership and devoted work, 4 Star Tennis at Bullis has become the best tennis program in the Washington DC area for junior players who want to play competitive tennis. I heard from a fellow player that 4 star has a great track record for training junior players and allowing them to reach their goals of being the best player I can be.

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The coaches at 4 star gave me the confidence to play club tennis at American University and being the 1 player and President for 3 of my 4 college years.

I love the competitive, yet fun environment 4 Star offers.

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  • Campers learn the basic elements of digital photography and the art of creating quality photographs. They explore the process of photo-editing using various software programs to take their photographs to the next level.
  • Nacho said: Silly thing to get MAD about And an uniformed statement to class tennis players as only from wealthy backgrounds, specifically Dr's and Lawyers, and as if tennis is somehow privileged only.

Here, I have not only improved as a tennis player, but I have also grown as a person. The adult programs offer lively classes, terrific scheduling flexibility, and players who are both competitive with and supportive of one another.

The Academy programs are well designed to allow kids to move up the competitive ranks at their own pace, gaining valuable instruction and experience at each stage while fostering a love of the game.

Go To Site "I chose 4 star as my main training academy in high school when I decided to take my tennis more seriously. I heard from a fellow player that 4 star has a great track record for training junior players and allowing them to reach their goals of being the best player I can be.

He trained with different pros and programs before coming to 4 Star Tennis Academy at Bullis. Live ball really improved my net game with great players and a fast pace! I hit a ton of balls!

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It really helped me to focus on strategy and refine my technique. The pros are great and the players are all friendly and warm!. At only 10 years old, I began my training at 4 star and immediately knew it was where I wanted to continue training. Bob, Bear, and Steve have created a phenomenal environment that enables students to work hard and realize their full potential.

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When I was 11 I began working with Steve Miguel as my private coach and still have the pleasure of calling him mine today. Steve has an unique ability to coach on all levels, a high level understanding of the game, and an aptitude to help improve any player regardless of play style.

His coaching prepared me for top level college tennis and beyond. Bob, Bear and Steve are not only extremely knowledgeable coaches but are also dedicated and caring individuals.

They genuinely care about the kids at 4 star and want them to fulfill their potential on and off the court. They instill good values and morals on their students and create an atmosphere unlike any other academy. I am thankful to have such a great place to continue to return to as I continue in my tennis career.

Whenever it comes to college practice or doing work for tough classes, the try your hardest or go home attitude always comes to my mind.

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This was definitely encouraged by all the coaches whenever you stepped into practice. He knows when to be tough and when to be a friend. They showed me I could if I wanted it.

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A great place to practice your net game. Balls are fed into the game one after another so there is little time between points. I never thought of doubles as a good cardio work out until live ball!. He carried me then and has carried me since.

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