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Thursday, September 12, 2019 12:03:28 PM

Whether you're a semi-professional, a dedicated enthusiast, or you're just starting out at your particular sport, buying the right equipment can often prove something of a challenge. First of all, there's the question of figuring out exactly what you need from an often bewildering range of options.

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We're dedicated to helping you play your best and maximize your performance. Browse our selection of high-quality football gear and equipment online to find the perfect fit that will help you improve your game.

With over 40 years of trusted experience, you can count on Schuylkill Valley Sports to supply the brands you love at prices you can afford. Our Selection of Football Gear and Equipment As one of the most injury-prone sports in America, football requires a checklist of essentials to keep you protected from the first time you step out onto the field.

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We offer safety gear from trusted brands such as Wilson, Under Armour, adidas and more. Of course, other equipment is necessary to allow you to practice and play your best. We also offer equipment for your practices and off-season training sessions so that you have the tools you need to start your season off right.

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Browse from our selection of gear and equipment, including: Apparel : Essential for the right combination of safety and comfort, proper attire allows you to play your hardest without worrying about wear and tear. We offer vests, belts, practice jerseys and a wide selection of girdles and pants.

Mouthguards : In such a high-contact sport, a well-fitting mouthguard is a must. Our variety of styles and color combinations allow you to look stylish while keeping your mouth's safety a top priority.

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Gloves : Whether you're a lineman or receiver, you need gloves that provide the protection and agility designed for your specific position. Cleats : Protect your feet and ankles from untimely twists and bruises with low, mid and high-top options in an array of colors and sizes.

Pads : Pads provide crucial protection from impact. That's why we know it's important to offer as many pad options as possible. Choose from padded shirts, arm sleeves, thigh pads, back plates and more.

Cups and supporters : The safety of sensitive areas is critical in a high-impact game. Cups, supporters and compression shorts offer protection and comfort on the field. Footballs and other accessories : What's a football game without a ball?

We offer youth and adult footballs as well as other practice necessities such as whistles, a practice kicking net, cones and more. Selecting the Right Football Equipment If you're a parent, you might be concerned about the safety features of your child's gear. For four decades, parents have trusted their child's safety needs to Schuylkill Valley Sports.

Our selection of youth apparel and accessories provide crucial protection to children as they grow. Look at the safety features of each product and make sure to buy sizes specifically for youths.

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As an adult, you might be more worried about the flexibility and comfort of your gear. Our selection of sizes and features ensures that you'll stay agile on the field with a fit so comfortable you'll forget your gear is even there.

Or use our store locator feature to find a store near you. We look forward to helping you with your football needs!

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