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Monday, November 25, 2019 12:52:58 AM

Thankfully, there is. During this American football season, you can experiment with a number of these excellent paid and free ways to watch NFL in China.

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His predecessor goes with him on a ten-year hitch behind bars.

Playing Fake Ball: Why Chinese Soccer Matters

That gives you a sense of the scale of housecleaning underway in the spectacularly rotten world of Chinese soccer. In the most senior convictions yet, two former national-league chiefs were jailed last week for ten and a half years.

If you want to know whether police have been told to take this seriously, reflect on the insistence of one of them, Xie Yalong, that he only admitted to corruption because he was tortured.

China’s National Soccer Team Accepts First Naturalized Citizen

The former national-team captain is going away, as are four members of the only Chinese squad ever to reach the finals of the World Cup. Chinese soccer problems go beyond rotten apples, and the deep structural obstacles to solving them tell you quite a bit about the broader debate about credibility and institutional strength in Chinese life today.

But, as with so many area of Chinese economics and politics, that state system was mated with a fitful free market and supercharged with cash, without an accountable bureaucracy to keep an eye on it.

Qingdao was safely ahead with two minutes left in a meaningless match in China's second division.

Ever since the early nineties, China has allowed some of its state-run teams to acquire corporate sponsorships and investors, and dole out higher salaries. But it was so swiftly overrun by gamblers with the power to fix games that the carmaker Geely dropped its support of a club in , after less than a year.

Perhaps the greatest indication that the current wave of arrests is likely to yield more headlines than difficult reforms is that some of the people who know the system best are not holding back their views.

At its core, the problem is philosophical: the Chinese Football Association operates the professional leagues, but it is also the body that supervises itself and investigates wrongdoing.

History of Football

But until Chinese soccer gets anything like a system of checks and balances, its cries of reform are unlikely to convince the crowd.

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