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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 1:01:04 PM

By Snehal Pradhan All champion teams do the same things. Look beyond their shirt colours, through the words they use at press conferences, and you will spot them. Not in the drills they go through every morning, but in the way they go through them. Not in the team talks, but in the way they express themselves on the field.

India vs Australia U World Cup Final: The final stepping stone

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Shubman Gill We've seen tons of players make it from this level before, and we'll see tons more from this batch. The Shubman Gills and the Lloyd Popes is what our future holds in front of us.

It's a great future. That's it for now. I've been Sagar Chawla, you can find me SagarChawla On behalf of Ramakrishnan kimivamsi , Abhinand Raghavendran and our scorer Sreenivas, it's a goodbye. We saw another all-round bowling effort which set the game up perfectly.

The pacers struck early, the spinners dominated through the middle, and all that sustained pressure precipitated towards the end when Australia crumbled and lost 6 wickets for With the form this Indian top-order has been in, was just mediocre.

India /5 vs Australia

That's a ruse. Don't fall for it. Dave Richardson presents it to Prithvi Shaw who is bouncing all over the place with his teammates. They go towards the board which reads Champions and some of them just sprawl in front of it.

That's not how you do photographs. They're asked to go and pose behind the board for the proper shots.

  • A closer contest would have been more ideal, but some exciting talents have come to the fore in this very match.
  • It took place in South Australia and Victoria.
  • The youngster also made 10 runs in the first match.
  • All these guys will have a huge role to play in the Indian Premier League and hopefully in the future of Indian cricket.

They reluctantly oblige. Plenty of Indian support in Tauranga today. Every one of them will have a glimpse of these budding stars as Prithvi leads his team on a lap of honour.

Australia U19s

Man, can you remember a World Cup where a team has exhibited such dominance right through. I mean, they were strong favourites today based on their performances, and they astonishingly lived up to the billing.

Usually, the pressure of a final reduces the gulf between teams.

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Not with this Indian team. They've destroyed Australia today. Prithvi Shaw, India captain: Can't express what I'm feeling right now, really proud of it.

All credit to our support staff for really supporting us for the last two years. Rahul Sir himself is a legend, the Wall we call him. It was a crucial hundred from Manjot. Gill was batting so well.


Both pacers, Kamlesh and Mavi, have been executing things so well through the tournament. It's been wonderful playing matches here.

Winners' medals for India.

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