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No Minimums or Set-ups. Every female athlete needs custom sports bras to stay comfortable during the course of a game. Our custom volleyball sports bras use compression for control, while the inner layer is lined with moisture wicking polyester to keep you cool and dry. The straps have been designed to maximize freedom of movement and fit.

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While most women have struggled with sports bras not working, SugarSports engineered a new sports bra that helps reduce breast motion. A shock absorber is built into the bra.

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Q: How does it work? It has a built-in shock absorber that actually reduces the motion of the breast weight. It does this by capturing the energy generated in the breast weight motion and dispersing it around the body. Reducing the initial upward movement of the breast weight reduces the subsequent drop of that same weight.

The physical benefits are obvious, but what users also notice is an increased ability to focus on their activities, without the distraction caused by the motion of their breast weight.

Q: How did you think of this? A: At my very first triathlon a friend took a picture of me coming across the finish line — WOW!

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That picture made me realize that I needed a better sports bra! So, before every race I looked for a new sports bra.

I can remember looking everywhere for something new, anything new that was going to be different. There was nothing.

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Breast tissue has weight. When the breast weight begins to undulate, the shock absorber helps to control the movement. Q: Is it comfortable? A: Yes! It is comfortable.

Q: What fabrics do you use? A: SugarSports uses only high-quality, moisture wicking sports fabric. As a smaller, privately-owned company, we invest in the product, because we believe our customers will appreciate the quality.

A: I know, I know! I assure you, there is nothing wrong with your sports bra. The thread is not breaking — I promise!

We will be using a different material for all future labels.

Q: Is it washable? A: You bet it is! We know you will use it over and over, and wash it over and over.

But please see the Care Instructions. I accidentally sent mine to the dry cleaners! Stick with washing! Care Instructions are provided in your SugarSports package.

This means they fit better. A: We are currently still working on our XL size solution. Honestly, we had intended to have an XL offering by now, but we were not satisfied with the results of our prototypes.

SugarSports is serious about providing women with a real solution to the issues of breast movement. We want to encourage women to be as active as they can be and that starts with being comfortable.

Q: I ordered the wrong size. A: Sometimes that happens. See our Size Guide for more information. Q: What is your Return Policy?

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It must have all tags still attached and be in sellable condition. Q: Does SugarSports have a store? Q: Is it safe to put my credit card number on this brand new website? A: Yes. Our website is protected with the latest SSL Secure Sockets Layer security which means your personal information is protected.

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See our Privacy Policy for more information. A: SugarSports uses Stripe as its online payment processor. That means you can use a number of major credit cards, however PayPal is not supported through Stripe. Q: How can I track my order?

Mail standard shipping, packaging, and inspection and care of your sports bra up to the time we deliver it to USPS. A: While our online store does not offer shipping options, we would be happy to help you with your rush order. You can contact us at sugarsportsbra gmail. Q: My order arrived incomplete or damaged.

A: Take a deep breath. This makes us crazy too! We want to make things right! Q: What is your privacy policy? A: We will never share your information with a third party — at any time!

We hate those phone calls too. So, all your information stays between you and me. Q: What colors are offered? As a new company, we are offering a selection of colors that should compliment your existing athletic wear, but we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline!

A: Actually, YES. Please contact us at sugarsportsbra gmail. Q: Who is Trish Hawkins? Her path has taken her around the world, in positions ranging from student to administrative to fashion model to corporate. She works incredibly hard at everything she does.

Trish loves to engage with her customers and is hands-on at every level of her company.

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SugarSports is her dream and she thanks all of you for making it possible. Patent Office for registration and legal protection from others who may try to duplicate or replicate our technology. In other words, this legal protection prohibits other manufacturers from selling a product that uses our ideas.

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