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March 7, Get the Checklist: Coming Soon The Donruss Baseball set brings back several familiar themes, but it also brings a few new twists. The card set represents a 75 card expansion over the card version, however this year the retro cards are included as part of the base set instead of being a stand alone insert set. I like this move as it makes the base set a slightly harder build. In addition, it seems the Rated Rookies and Diamond Kings are no longer short printed. There are 30 DKs and 20 Rated Rookies this year with all the names you would normally expect.

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By Vigilius Eriksen , Public Domain , Wikimedia Commons Catherine the Great moved to a foreign land as a teenager and became one of the most important leaders in its history.

Here's what you need to know about the unlikely ruler, who is the subject of not one, but two series: HBO's Catherine the Great , which debuts on October 21 , , and Hulu's The Great , slated for Catherine the Great's name wasn't Catherine. She was the daughter of Christian August, a minor German prince and general in the Prussian army, and Princess Johanna Elisabeth, who had connections to the Russian royal family.

The couple wed on August 21, Catherine and Peter were an ill-matched pair: Catherine was bright and ambitious whereas Peter, according to Britannica, was "mentally feeble. Catherine had at least three affairs, and hinted that none of her children were her husband's.

Peter III assumed the throne on January 5, , and was immediately unpopular. Eventually, Catherine believed that Peter was going to divorce her—so she worked with her lover, Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, and her other allies to overthrow him and take the throne for herself.

Eight days later, he was killed while in the custody of one of Catherine's co-conspirators. With Peter out of the picture, Catherine became the new empress of Russia.

She was formally crowned on September 22, She never married again, and took numerous lovers during her long reign. Voltaire was basically Catherine the Great's pen pal. Catherine, a bibliophile, built up a collection of 44, books.

Early in her reign, she began a correspondence with one of her favorite authors: The great Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire.

Russia fascinated Voltaire, who had written a biography of Peter the Great. Catherine would never get the chance to meet him in person, but through these letters, she and Voltaire discussed everything from disease prevention to Catherine's love of English gardens.

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Catherine the Great annexed Crimea. Russian interest in the Crimean Peninsula long predates Vladimir Putin. Much of it was acquired when the once-independent nation of Poland was divided between Austria, Prussia, and Russia.

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In , the Earl of Dartmouth approached Catherine with a request for 20, Russian troops to help Britain put down the colonial rebellion in America.

She refused. As the war continued, British diplomats kept trying to establish an alliance with Russia, hoping that the Empress would either send military aid or, failing that, pressure France into abandoning the American cause.

Catherine did neither. However, out of concern for Russian shipping interests in the Atlantic and elsewhere , she did attempt to mediate an end to the violence between Britain and its rebellious colonies in Alaska was colonized on Catherine the Great's watch.

Later, in , he visited Catherine in St. Catherine the Great embraced inoculation. Thomas Dimsdale, an English physician, built upon an existing technique for immunizing people to smallpox. At her invitation, he came to Russia and quietly inoculated the empress.

Before the end of the century, approximately 2 million Russians had received smallpox inoculations.

A rebel claimed to be Catherine the Great's dead husband. Pugachev and his followers enjoyed some big military victories early on, but after a crushing defeat in August , their revolution fell apart. Pugachev was captured and executed in Moscow on January 10, Catherine the Great's art collection was the basis of St.

  • To those new or returning to card collecting although there are only two major card companies there are dozens of cardboard options at every price point.
  • Basketball , Stats Our world seems to value predictability.
  • In this article, I will explore whether that assumption is correct or not.
  • All through the Ronald Reagan Presidency I could count on those companies producing one set of cards plus update each year. I knew where to find cards and what to look for to complete the sets.
  • The time of leaving middle school to go to the local store to get a pack of cards with the stick of gum for a buck are long-gone. Growing up in the 90s, there were certain cards every collector wanted.

Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum. In , Catherine purchased a set of paintings—including works by Rembrandt and Frans Hals—from a Berlin dealer , and founded the Hermitage with those works.

Catherine went on to buy or commission thousands of additional pieces for her budding museum. Today, the State Hermitage Museum has more than 3 million items in its collections. Catherine the Great was Russia's longest-serving female leader. Thirty-four years after assuming the throne, Catherine passed away on November 6, The monarch was succeeded by her son, Tsar Paul I.

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Wild rumors flew after Catherine the Great's death—including that one about the horse. A lot of rumors sprung up in the wake of Catherin's death. One said that she had died while on the toilet, while another—the most persistent tale, and a completely unfounded one— claimed that Catherine the Great was crushed to death while attempting to have sex with a stallion.

Where exactly the story came from is unknown ; an autopsy determined that the empress had actually died of a cerebral stroke.

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