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Thank you a lot for the link. It is a very interesting piece. It is unfortunate that it seems as if it has become a knee-jerk reaction of all opposition parties to demonize everything governments do. This is exactly what I see in the political life of the country I live in.

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Opposition politics has become opposing and denying everything a government does, as if an incumbent government is incapable of doing anything good. The Ethiopian diaspora opposition has failed up to now to win the hearts and minds of Ethiopians, and their number is dwindling by the day.

They cannot convince people by tampering with facts. The aim of an opposition party should not have been always how to ascend to power. It is equally important when it acts as a restraining factor, whenever a government gets out of the way and indulges in excesses, for there are not so-called perfect governments.

The opposition should have done constructive opposition.


The thing that makes me extremely angry is when I see them oppose infrastructures that are built to improve the life of the poor Ethiopian.

No wander Ethiopians do not take them seriously.

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Kifle Selamat Horizon. As much as I am appreciative of your mature participation in this forum, I feel there are few things you seem underestimate in the dynamics of the political discourse of Ethiopians. The government is not beholden whatsoever for the said polarization because these guys were as extreme as they can get since May 28, Back then, it was Eritrea that they believed to had been the Achilles heel of the transitional government.

So the frenzy of these extremists, old and new alike, is totally uncaused. They can be anything but the voice of democracy. Democracy is not a game that can be played in vacuum.

There are rules to the game which everyone should abide and play by. Both of us know these guys abhor such rules and institutions to the core. Certain things are immutable facts though. Ethiopians had took 17 years to dismantle the killing machine once and for all at an extremely prohibitive human and material costs.

I would expect healthy opposition takes this glaring fact as an absolute and engage the incumbent on policy and governance efficiency issues.

Rather they are still calling a revolution to get rid of the ruling party just at the cost of failing to build a national consensus on major interests of the Ethiopian state. Just take EDP, the healthiest opposition I know of late. It has been in the receiving end ever since for it rightly rejected the rejectionist political discourse that characterized the opposition since day one.

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So what choice do Ethiopians have except to support the incumbent many holding their noses high or end up at the other end of the political spectrum, in point of no return? The Ethiopian political opposition primarily attains its legitimacy from a sort of rejectionist constituency.

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These guys would sleep with the devil if it expedites the demise of the government. So where is the basis for democracy? Democracy is a sum total of values, cultures, constitutional procedures, institutions etc.

They believe in non except hallucinating wanton revolutions. Being rejetionist, they are against every institution. So trying to fit in the Ethiopian situation into conventional opposition-incumbent rivalry is misleading to say the least.

I agree with you they were mostly rejectionists.

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I, myself as an individual was rejectionist. EFRDF labeled as asgenTay — We lost both ports and we had to pay for them — introduction of ethnic politics -a free ride of Eritrea on our back. The good thing is it has come a long way and it still has a wide room for improvement.

The fact is, in , we had a country which had come through a marathon history of killing and dying, riddled by all sorts of contradictions from every direction.

Let alone making a progress, it was almost impossible to survive another year short of solving the Eritrean problem and the national question, which were the driving themes of the armed struggle to start with.

EPRDF took bold decision however unpopular it had been: stood its ground on the self-determination of Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopian nations and nationalities. Absolutely not. It existed. It was one of the main causes for the revolution that gave rise to another brutal dictatorship a situation of just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

What percentage of Ethiopian do stand against the current federal system of governance? Very few. They are just a minority.

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The vast majority of Ethiopians are not only have no issues but also are happy about it. But given the price tag attached to make them usable, it was very clear that they were of no use except for self-serving fulfilment of possession in the eyes of equals.

No one in their right mind would undermine the importance of ports. Why was this glaring truth unable to percolate into their minds? What makes it even more astounding is, we still have opposition who claim they will bring Assab by any means necessary. Let us keep it simple. EPRDF was not there to repeat what the regimes before it had been doing.

It took the bull by the horns, faced the colossal challenges that mired the country for decades squarely. But, understandably, political solutions were much ahead of building state structures and most of the problems happened in those early formative years of its existence.

Trigger happy? They wanted to disturb the city where no formal security forces were deployed.

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