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Episode 1: Turkey [ edit ] In the first episode, Dyer goes to Turkey, one of the more notorious countries for football violence, due to the passion of their supporters. He then meets Alpaslan Dikmen B Dyer then goes to experience lower division football in Turkey in İzmirand meets the firms of the two main teams in the city. Episode 2: Argentina [ edit ] In Argentina, Dyer travels mainly around the capital city, Buenos Airesmeeting firms from all across the city and province.

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Maybe not pleasant but it was surprisingly funny. I'd heard a few good things about it so thought I'd throw caution to the wind and check it out.

Trainer Christian Streich decides on a final throw of the dice and sends on eighteen year old academy graduate Matthias Ginter for his debut. Two minutes from time the substitution pays off as Ginter heads home the winner from a Michael Lumb freekick.

When you open a film like this with a scene where Danny Dyer gets his head blown off by Tamer Hussan and Craig Fairbrass in a case of mistaken identity then you know what to expect. This is a pitch perfect piss take of all those shitty Nick Love films.

SC Freiburg’s Football Factory

There pretty ripe for parody, which is what the aforementioned Nevern has done with The Hooligan Factory. Taking all the tropes and conventions of the genre, the fighting, the drugs, the synchronised tracksuits, and cranking them up to 11, he has made a pretty funny spoof of a fairly deplorable subculture.

I haven't seen enough of the source material life's too short for that shit to get every reference, but I had a good time laughing along with the bits I did get.

Football hooligans are scum, anyone who aspires to be like that is scum, this movie gets that. A parody of the hooligan film.

The Real Football Factories

Do these things translate outside of the UK? This is a pretty funny spoof of flicks like "The Football Factory" and "Green Street", which may fall flat if you don't have knowledge of those films. It provided me with a few laughs, even though some of the jokes were so well telegraphed that I was speaking the punchlines before they appeared on screen.

I had s good time with this, it's decent throwaway fun, and does have the best use of the "talents" of Dick Van Dire I've seen to date.

  • Shelves: u-k , sports When I first read this it hit me like a punch in the mouth.
  • Er zijn in totaal 12 deelnemende voetbalteams van universiteiten uit binnen- en buitenland, waaronder ook de Universiteit van Leiden.
  • Share via Email From one perspective, the best thing that happened to English football this season was not the swerving shot with which Thierry Henry scored against Manchester United at Highbury a few weeks ago, and as a result of which Roy Carroll is still suffering crossed eyes, or the exquisite precision with which Fernando Morientes constructed the goal that finished off Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last week. It was the fact that the supporters of Leeds United did not express their disappointment at their team's failure to avoid relegation by demolishing the Reebok Stadium two Sundays ago.
  • Well, as of today, I shall flagellate no more. Many people are saying he is the preseason favorite to win the entire league.
  • Sitemap International football factory stream Tags: Regarder film complet The Football Factory en streaming vf et fullstream vk, The Football Factory VK streaming, The Football Factory film gratuit, en trs Bonne Qualit vido [p, son de meilleur qualit galement, voir tout les derniers filmze sur cette plateforme en full HD. The Real Football Factories was the first series, where presenter and actor Danny Dyer travelled the UK, meeting some of the more notorious football firms.

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