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It builds on the original concept while adding numerous new features. Tweaks and enhancements in this installment include a mini radar pitch appearing during tactical changes, a new advisor system, an improved notebook system, a revamped captain selection, and widescreen support. There is also a TV view, and players can hold press conferences before and after matches. Other additions include international management, the board and fan confidence system, the award system, the finance system and a new calender. The game also includes a transfer centre to track transfers; for the first time, players can choose a female manager.

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Such a comment from Hobson, one of the world's most famous Football Manager players, may come as a surprise. However, the year-old father—who is a fully qualified boxing trainer, licensed promoter and UEFA B pro license holder—approaches both aspects meticulously.

  • Football Manager scudetto Added support for transparent webm files.
  • In that time, the series has made the jump from consoles to PC, and it was also one of the first football management games to offer a full 3D match engine.
  • For the video game series, see.
  • Championship Manager vs Football Manager review If, like us, you've given more than a decade to Sports Interactive's original Championship Manager series, you'll be aware that it today lives on, rebranded as Football Manager.

His main goal is to help others. Ever since I can remember boxing was bigger than football," Hobson said. At age 11, his interest in football—let alone a text-based title surrounding the sport—had barely begun.

I saw my dad with the game on his desk and I asked him what he was doing, because he doesn't like football. He told me he got it off one of his friends, so I asked him if I could have a go. The rest is history.

This is highlighted by his website , which is crammed with FM-related tips, experiments and nuggets of information that have seen him command great authority in the game's online community.

It took a long time to get an understanding of how the match engine worked, but from asking questions and doing a lot of trial and error, it started to become clear what each little setting does.

While gamers are free to become as involved as they like—developer Sports Interactive have upped the casual options in recent years—Hobson's name has been established by delving deeper than most. You can boost morale, get everyone match fit and all of this can make a difference. I previously bought a left-back with the intention of using him as a striker because he fulfilled the attribute requirements I set.

Championship Manager vs Football Manager review

And I have a real passion for tactics. I'm always recreating tactics of yesteryear on the game, as I get bored easily and need to keep the game feeling fresh. This year I'll be a one-club manager and plan on playing as Santos for the full duration of FM Screenshot courtesy of Cleon Hobson.

Aside from that, all notable signings were newgens. I've known people play the game for over 30 seasons and they still haven't won a trophy, but I'd still say there is success in their own way because they'll have set goals for themselves.

He has remained a moderator on SI's forums since , making him part of the furniture when it comes to FM culture. As detailed here , the online message boards didn't only help Hobson establish his name, but they also played a key role in pulling him away from "the verge of suicide" after a difficult break-up with an ex-partner.

I really owe my life to FM in some way. Many see the game's endless scroll of detailed screens as a pivotal escape from the world beyond their laptop or PC.

It's not even PSP-owning footy nuts, although they're clearly important. Instead, it's lapsed players.

It's a lure Hobson believes he will never give up. I think I'll always contribute in some way; I don't think I'll ever fully quit," he said. Stepping away would signal a sudden end to many opportunities for the man who now resides in Newcastle with his family.

Hobson's FM15 take on the Arsenal Invincibles. It contained a few DVDs which I wasn't allowed to share or distribute. They allowed me to spend three days with them at the start of the year and that was a real eye-opener for me, it was fantastic.

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FM can certainly open doors to other things and a lot of them unexpected and surprising. While many see FM as just a game it can also unite people.

It's surprising how far FM can really take you at times and how it can impact real life.

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I think that's where I'll eventually end up. Both the "sweet science" and football, after all, boil down to split-second decisions that have the potential to secure victory.

It's Hobson's goal to aid other players who strive for the knockout blow. I can't see that side ever fading. I just like to help people. Facebook Logo.

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