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The sitting opened at 9. Negoziati precedenti alla prima lettura del Parlamento articolo 69 quater del regolamento seguito dato : vedasi processo verbale 3. Discussioni su casi di violazione dei diritti umani, della democrazia e dello Stato di diritto comunicazione delle proposte di risoluzione presentate : vedasi processo verbale 4.

Presentazione di documenti: vedasi processo verbale 5.

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Storni di stanziamenti e decisioni di bilancio: vedasi processo verbale 6. Atti delegati articolo , paragrafo 6, del regolamento : vedasi processo verbale 7. Misure di esecuzione articolo del regolamento : vedasi processo verbale 8.

Cambiamenti climatici discussione President. For this debate there will be no catch-the-eye procedure, and no blue-card requests will be accepted.

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We are all aware of the scale and urgency of the challenges posed by climate change, as witnessed by the lively debates on the issue in both the Council and Parliament.

The European Union is determined to lead the way in the global response to climate change. The EU also remains committed to maximising contributions in the fight against climate change from other relevant multilateral processes, notably in the areas of aviation and shipping.

The EU is broadly on track to achieve its greenhouse gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. The finalisation of the main elements of the climate and energy legislative package was the result of work which started in and recently culminated in intensive negotiations and agreement between the two co—legislators.

In particular, the rules of the EU Emissions Trading System EU ETS were revised to ensure the necessary emission reductions in the industrial and power sector, and ambitious, binding reduction targets for were set for all EU Member States in other sectors, such as buildings, transport and waste.

In the land use and forestry sector, Member States have to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions on their territory do not exceed removals by sinks.

Combined with other sectoral policies, among others, on the deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions from cars, vans and trucks, as well as from fluorinated gases, it is estimated that these policies will have an impact on our level of achievement.

However, we know that more needs to be done to contribute to the long-term temperature goals set in Paris. In line with the Paris Agreement, the EU will submit a long-term strategy to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change by , while calling on all other parties to submit their long-term strategies on time.

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The Council welcomes the communication and underlines the need to focus discussions on different pathways to achieve climate neutrality, in line with the Paris Agreement. The communication has already been discussed at the meetings of the Ministers responsible for environment, energy and competitiveness, and further sectoral debates are planned to take place in the coming weeks and months.

The debates held so far have highlighted the shared recognition of the need for action and of the importance of developing the EU long-term strategy in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

Indeed, the Council believes that concerted and transformative action must extend to multiple levels of governance, with an essential role for non-state actors and regional and local governments in implementing ambitious solutions on the ground.

Let me recall here that the Paris Agreement recognises just transition as an imperative to ensuring that the consequences of climate change actions for the workforce are taken into account in regions and communities which stand to be particularly affected by them.

This should be taken into account when preparing long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies at EU and national level.

Despite undeniable challenges, the transition to low—greenhouse—gas—emission and climate—resilient economies has already created — and has the potential to create — additional employment opportunities, for example, in renewable energy, construction and building renovation.

Technological innovations will need to be scaled up in all sectors. Research, development and demonstration are expected to reduce the cost of breakthrough technologies significantly, but an enabling framework is needed to support them, and private investments need to be scaled up and the right signals provided to the markets, with the mobilisation of finance from a variety of sources.

The European Council will discuss the topic at its meeting next week in order to provide guidance on the overall direction and political priorities.

Based on that guidance, the Council will continue and deepen the focus of debates in order to contribute to the overall process.

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Your action and commitment has brought to wider public attention the necessity and urgency to act on climate change. And political will is vital in driving this action. In this year of European Parliament elections, we should look ahead at what else can be done.

In Europe we can be proud of what we have achieved so far. The campaign for the European Parliament elections offers a great opportunity to tell our citizens what has already been achieved and have each European political party present their individual positions for the future.

As you know, but probably the majority of our citizens are not yet aware, we have adopted an ambitious legislative framework for This would not have been achieved without the excellent work, commitment and determination of the Members of this House. The Energy Union, with a forward-looking climate action, is now in place.

This was one of the priorities of the Juncker Commission that you endorsed almost five years ago. But targets are not ceilings.

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With the right incentives we can reach even more. This will be achieved thanks to the clean energy transition framework recently adopted, based on a greater deployment of renewable energy sources and by putting energy efficiency first on the agenda: our target of This shows our citizens that climate and energy issues are on top of the European Union agenda, that this priority is making real progress in Europe; then to our international partners that the European Union is leading by example and that we turn our pledges into concrete action.

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But now is also the moment to look ahead to We will have to upscale further our policies beyond The crucial thing is that we can only do it within a deep transformation of our model of economic development, one that delivers both climate neutrality and prosperity and fairness for European citizens.

A model that is just for our citizens and fair for our industries. By proposing this vision, we have responded to the call by the European Parliament and the European Council. To see what the European Union should do we studied eight scenarios in detail. To get to the 1.

That is why we have developed two scenarios that effectively reach this aim of climate neutrality. One is focused on technology deployment.

The other contains more elements of behavioural change, circularity and increased natural sinks. The analysis clearly shows that a climate neutral economy by is possible, following different pathways, but that it will require an ambitious combination of technologies and action.

It means investing in a much more efficient economy, an economy that relies less on imported energy, an economy that provides for more local, higher-quality jobs.

I am happy to see that the resolutions adopted in the parliamentary committees confirm this long-term ambition.

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