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A spanking new sports complex was to come up there, with a purpose built 25, seat football stadium, just perfect for the World Cup. It was extremely encouraging because all World Cups start and end with stadiums.

Stadium designs

If this does go ahead, the resulting stadium design should be something the city of Sydney, and Australia in general can be proud of.

How to build the perfect football stadium

With this in mind, here are 10 examples of stadium design we might look to for inspiration. American firm Ellerbe Becket designed the stadium with a sunscreen roof to resemble layers of petals on a flower.

Floating above the bowl is a shimmering ribbon of roof flowing like a wave over the seats.

It parts at the ends and holds the Olympic flame, suspended between the two ribbons. The dome itself has been designed to be an attractive site from near or afar, but also allow the near 20 feet of snow the northern Japanese city averages each year to slide off of the roof easily, lessening the stress on the structure.

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While the concerns for snow are perhaps not so relevant for Sydney — the care taken for designing in relation to its space and use is a message useful for all design. The outside of the stadium has been designed to recall the appearance of traditional African pottery, with the cladding seen as a mosaic of fire and earthen colours with a ring of lights running around the bottom of the structure, simulating fire underneath the pot.

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London Stadium A controversial choice perhaps? While somewhat utilitarian in design, it still demonstrates a real interest in establishing an economy of means and stands as a stadium firmly in favour of sustainable development.

The dismountable nature of the stadium means multipurpose has never been easier, which is why West Ham United can easily call the stadium home today. Though perhaps a cradle is a better moniker, bearing hope and growth for the future.

How to Design a Football Stadium

Uniquely, each panel can be independently lit with white, red, or blue lights — which means home team colours, national flags and logos can be emblazoned on the outside — visible up to 80km away.

Olympiapark Does Munich just have all the luck? National Stadium Kaohsiung Good stadium design has to be more than just eye-catching. And while the National Stadium of Taiwan is certainly a spectacular building to look it, it is really elevated to another level when you realise that the stadium, designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito , is covered in, and powered by, solar panels.

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  • The Cardinals had only planned to play there until a new stadium could be built in Phoenix.
  • This is the final design passed through design adjustment, and it is the standard for the three other plans.
  • Published: 08 December, The bar has been raised dramatically on football stadium design.
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Not only that, when not in use, the stadium actually has energy to return to the grid. If Sydney is to have a massive new stadium built, perhaps this is the most sensible path to go down. With more than a third of the total land area being green, these green areas are used to filter rainwater that will contribute to the recharge of local aquifers.

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