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Introduction[ edit ] The World Baseball Classic sometimes abbreviated WBC is an international baseball tournament that was first held in It is sanctioned by the International Baseball Federation and supported by Major League BaseballNippon Professional Baseballthe Korea Baseball Organizationthe Major League Baseball Players Associationand other professional baseball leagues and their players associations from around the world. The second WBC was held inwith subsequent tournaments held every four years thereafter. The World Baseball Classic was the first international baseball tournament to feature players currently playing in the major leagues. The Olympics conflicted with the MLB schedule, and after professional players were allowed to play in the league offered only token cooperation, not allowing any players on a MLB team's man roster to participate.

Why Orioles fans should watch the World Baseball Classic

Keep imagining. Understandably, Major League Baseball will aggressively market the tournament, the primary international showcase for its business — which on opening day last year included players born outside the United States. That number translates to The figure has been above 25 percent every season since Japan won the W.

The United States, a host for all three rounds every time, has played 20 games and gone Syndergaard was asked on Friday whether he had any regrets about not playing for the United States in the tournament.

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In , the starters were R. Undoubtedly, all of those pitchers have talent. Injuries naturally whittled the pitching pool a bit. Max Scherzer, a two-time Cy Young Award winner, backed out with a finger injury.

Major League Baseball and Globalization: The World Baseball Classic

Yet it is startling to consider how many healthy American starters will not be going. The fragile nature of pitching distinguishes baseball from every other sport.

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The pitcher has extraordinary influence on the outcome of a game, yet his task is so physically demanding that his workload is severely restricted. This is why teams cringe when their pitchers take part in the W.

The tournament is a joint venture between M. Expanding the game on a global scale is not their concern. Paid to build a team that can win the World Series, they shudder to see their pitchers exerting themselves in March for a different purpose.

This is why Verlander, who rediscovered his top form last season after dealing with a core injury, is out.

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Kershaw, who was injured for much of last season, makes even more to do so for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Trout has no health concerns; he simply declined for personal reasons.

World Baseball Classic

In weighing his options last year, Harper bluntly said he did not sense much excitement from other stars. Hopefully, we get some guys like Thor in New York and guys like that.

Lucie as the rare Mets starter not coming off surgery. During the spring, they have spring training games as well as the W. But the one thing that occurs to me off the top of my head is a good performance by the United States certainly would be helpful to the event here in the United States.

Four companies lead World Baseball Classic sponsorship roster

Giancarlo Stanton, whose raw power is unmatched, will also take part. Buster Posey, the American catcher, has an M. Award and three World Series rings.

Among many Latin American players, there is an endearing, authentic verve for the tournament. In winning the W. When Hanley Ramirez went down with a sore shoulder, the team replaced him with Jean Segura, who led the National League in hits last season.

My goodness.

Israel at the World Baseball Classic

So there are lots of stars. Baseball will return to the Olympics in , but stopping the Major League Baseball season to send players there disrupts the flow of the schedule and the routine of pitchers.

From the 6th to 22nd of March, , we shall witness an epic battle of 16 national teams from 5 continents of the world battling for the ultimate prize of the championship. Going by the intensity of the qualification matches, we can tell that this edition of the WBC will be like no other.

Baseball is meant to be enjoyed every day, and pitchers, again, are unlike any other athlete in team sports. Shutting down almost all of them for an extended period at midseason is not a risk worth taking. For an international spectacle, this timing and format are probably the only ones that work.

Energizing fans worldwide is a progressive, noble effort, and perhaps some young viewers will be inspired to play or follow the game.

USA Vs Puerto Rico: Live Stream The World Baseball Classic Game Online Here

For a sport often shortsighted about its long-term health — it has refused to hold a World Series game in the daytime, when children can watch to the final out, since — there is plenty of good that can come from this.

It is a fun event, an intriguing diversion from the tedium of spring training, a nice little kick-start to the season. It is not much more than that.

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