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Source Places to watch football in Madrid. Madrid is one of the most passionate cities for football in all of Europe. Here, in the city of Madrid, these two teams are the teams that people are the most interested in, causing a rivalry that is noticeable when these two teams play.

Also, there is usually quite a lot of people from Barcelona, although a lot less. In short and in the end, we are in the capital of Spain; here there are people from places around the rest of the country, so it is normal that this mix of culture characteristics exists, which is also noticeable in the football teams that people prefer.

Furthermore, it is also normal for the tourists or foreigners that live in Spain to pass through the bars and watch the matches, the majority of them being from Barcelona. In part thanks to the incredible numbers that have carried on following this team during the last few years.

I am going to talk about all these places that are really cool places to enjoy an afternoon of football, to the height of all those fortunate enough to be able to pay the entrance fee to attend the football match in the stadium. Because, although it is the best option for all the footballers, there are times that if you go to the matches in a good pub with good company, the games can be enjoyed just as much as if you were in the stadium.

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At least because it is cheaper. For me, personally I love watching the matches in Irish pubs. Normally it is where it is most atmospheric and where you can drink the best beers.

The only downfall is that they are usually more expensive than the classic tapas bars. However, apart from these Irish pubs, I am also going to talk about some other places which are better chains of bars in which you can watch the football with a good atmosphere and a very good price.

  • Madrid chose to rest players, including their star Cristiano Ronaldo, thinking it would be a walkover.
  • Charles was a skilled athlete who quickly picked up the game of football at the time when the Football League was still being formed, and as an accomplished winger and striker Charles held school honors that gained him entry into the Southampton F.
  • Got a special request? Located in a quiet square just off Las Ramblas.
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  • The final score is the result that decides who has won the match. Can also be used as a verb, e.
  • Make sure to check online a couple of days before the date on your tickets so you can show up at the right time on the right day.

And the most important of all, if you are from a team that you are to assume that in whichever bar that you are you are going to be surrounded by people from other teams that will shout and will cheer up all his own, so you have to respect everyone from the other teams.

What is certain is that I am from Real Madrid. Source O'Neill's Irish Pub I will start with the Irish pub that to me seems the best in Madrid and not only to watch the football as I have said before click this link to read.

It takes only 5 minutes to walk there. The pub is cool.

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It has two floors that they open for big occasions, when they sense that more people are going to go for whatever reason and the important football games are usually one of them.

In terms of the screens, there are lots distributed around the whole pub and one them is a giant projector screen. Essentially, wherever you are in the pub you are going to be able to see a screen, even if it's not perfectly.

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So, even if you arrive late it's not a problem because you will definitely be able to find some place where you can see the match, even if it is standing without being supported. The atmosphere in the pub in any game is usually unbeatable.

It is a very international pub, so they usually put on matches of all types and lots of leagues of football. To watch a watch a Champions match here is cool because you can nearly always find yourself with people from other teams.

French, German and lots of Englishmen, above all, they are the ones that usually congregate in the pub to give it this international atmosphere that I talk of. Never in my life have I shouted as much as this night, which is why I said that watching a match in a pub of this style is the most similar to watching it at the football pitch.

The pub was full of as many people as it could fit and when Sergio Ramos scored the final goal of the match all the Real Madrid supporters hugged each other, without knowing each other, without even knowing that were next to each other.


So for this reason and many more, it is my favorite pub to watch football matches. La Fontana de Oro This is another pub that is of a similar style to the previous one although with a less Anglo Saxon name and to tell you the truth, not such a good atmosphere.

It is like an Irish pub but done in the Spanish style. It is quite similar in terms of size as it has two floors but the difference with O'Neill's is that here the screens are only in the upstairs part and there is not as many as in order to be able to see the matches from wherever you are. Another factor that differentiates the two pubs is that in the Fontana there are not so many places where you can sit down, it is more a place where you stand drinking a pint of beer whilst you watch the game.

There are people that don't like this and prefer to watch the football sat down and something a little more relaxed.

However, when I get nervous I can't avoid needing to be on my feet moving about all the time.

Yes/No Questions with do/does The debate over which league is the best has long divided soccer fans everywhere.
I like to watch movies in Spanish Messenger Casillas throws the ball to Thuram, standing on the edge of his penalty area.
i prefer watching Finally, the ruling appears to be in.
La Liga is the Best Liga It would be perhaps more accurate to say that religion is like soccer in Spain, such is the devotion expressed by the Spanish to their beloved sport.


So this pub is another one of my favorites to watch another class of matches, for those who live with too much tension to be sat down and relaxed. It is located just next to Plaza del Sol, it is a place that is usually very full, mainly by tourists and foreign people in general since they it looks directly at the metro station where it is.

In terms of pints it is a little cheaper than other pubs but at the end of the day, it has the same prices as the majority of pubs and bars in the center of Madrid, then it is quite expensive.

Plaza de Cibeles - Source James Joyce Irish Pub Before I have said that O'Neill's pub was perfect for going towards Neptuno or Plaza de Cibeles to the celebrate the victory of a final for the supporters, but in respect to proximity with these two famous squares James Joyce Irish pub takes the lead.

It is quite a small pub compared to the other two pubs that I have spoken about before now for watching football. However, its smaller size is a great measure of your love for watching the football games. Being so small, you are a lot closer to the other people, so that football stadium atmosphere of hundreds of people can be felt all around you and it is something that is preserved in this charming Irish pub.

Of course with a lot less people though.

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But it was so full of people that it was impossible to even get inside to see if it had space. It was packed. It is a pub in which you are going to find a huge footballers spirit, so it very recommendable. They sell pints for the same price as all the other pubs. Molly Malone's Irish Pub This pub has more or less the same tone as the others that I have spoken about before now, however, the only difference is that you won't find it in the middle of the centre of Madrid.

It has been made to look a little like the 'Fontana de Oro' in terms of the concept of an Irish pub carrying a more Spanish vibe. Also, they sell Mahou as the pints and there is nothing more Spanish than this, the truth.

It is smaller than all the others that have spoken about previously but its charm resides in being a very intimate pub, very 'neighborhood'. It is not very international, it is most frequently visited by Spanish people in general.

In terms of prices there is nothing to add. The price of the drinks in Madrid are much like those in the center, in truth.

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Penalti Lounge bar This bar was one of my most recent discoveries in the city of Madrid and one of the ones that surprised me the most, ultimately for the innovative format that they have. There are two in Madrid: one located in Moncloa and the other in Tirso de Molina.

I have only been able to go to the one in Moncloa but I imagine that there is not much difference between the two.

Except from the size I suppose.

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