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Sunday, September 29, 2019 5:26:23 PM

We've spent a few weeks with the box, and reckon it's the best way to watch telly today — here's why. As the name suggests, the box is capable of playing back 4K content. You'll need a 4K TV to enjoy the benefits of this boosted telly processing power, but that's no longer a big ask.

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Joshua has never failed to knockout an opponent, and his brawl against Wladimir Klitschko in April this year proved to be one of the great heavyweight bouts of the modern era, with a head-snapping upper cut providing the iconic image that would decorate newspaper back pages, emblazon magazine covers and be shared across social media in the aftermath.

Meanwhile, US network Showtime recorded an average audience of , during its live afternoon airing, with German commercial broadcaster RTL securing This means our platform handles all the digital tickets that fans buy, so the payment transactions are all being processed by NeuLion as well.

A recent survey carried out in the UK by SMG Insight showed that 54 per cent of millennials have watched illegal streams of live sports, while a third admit to regularly watching them.

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  • Sky Sports Box Office

This figure is likely to be even higher when applied to PPV boxing, and Sky will reap the benefits of the security measures NeuLion have put in place. So in addition to giving people access to the event we also secure it with our digital rights management service.

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Then it also gets prepared into different bit rates, which is then transmitted over a content delivery network, and eventually over to an internet service provider with the consumer. Boxing is a sport which can be difficult to keep up with at the best of times, and consumers are unlikely to remain loyal to a platform that transmits a pixelated stream.

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Wagner, however, envisages no such problems for Sky Sports Box Office, which he says will be equipped with adaptable technology to ensure that customers are always enjoying crystal clear feeds.

This is particularly true of boxing, a sport in which rounds last just three minutes, flashing right hooks are easily missed and replays are in short supply during a linear broadcast. Fans can watch the fight live and they can move between devices, so they may be on a phone but then they move over to their computer or another connected device.

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