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Tuesday, November 19, 2019 7:10:35 PM

This app is, of course, one such app which lets you enjoy seamless streaming on your device. The app UI may not be good but it does the job pretty well. The app could make your day I believe you should surely try it. The app is easy to use and hosts some huge amount of channels from across the globe with varied genres like animes, horror, documentaries, movies, Entertainment etc.

A game of new chances Cricket and films are national obsessions.

The popularity and mass appeal enjoyed by cricketers and stars are phenomenal. What happens when a platform brings the game and the stars together on a level playing field?

TV Channels Broadcasting Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Live

That was Celebrity Cricket League. More than the game, the bonhomie and recognition that it provided are immense and stars have beautiful memories of the game.

Today, the members of Kerala Strikers find themselves flush with film offers. Has the game changed their career course? Today, when strangers come and talk to me, I have only one platform to thank CCL!

Outside Kerala, people tell me that they have not seen my films but know me through CCL.

Sehion tv malayalam live

It has been the biggest launch pad for me and the best part is that, I am also recognised as a cricketer other than an actor because of which I get more respect. But, after the match, my parents spoke to Lal sir and that was a proud moment for me.

A deep bond has formed between all the members and they continue to keep in touch. Nikhil and Saiju Kurup, busy with their maiden directorial and scripting venture My Fan Ramu, has got almost the entire team onboard.

Nobody came in expecting offers or to further their careers or establish themselves. Nevertheless, the platform provided a shortcut to fame and my film is a gathering of my friends with no business angle to it.

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