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This is the greatest thing ever! This is the best thing since sliced bread! Too often we hear these claims only to find out that the referenced "great thing" is really just a reboot of something old or not that exciting.

Live Sports Betting: Tips and Tricks for In

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The tension mounts. What do you do? In this article, we'll guide you through the high-risk but high-return world of live football betting, sometimes also called in-play betting. How do you win when the match is already underway? On Bookiesmash, we'll give you the tools to do just that.

Football Predictions & Betting Tips using Expected Goals (xG)

What's Different About Live Betting? Materially, there's not a lot that changes when you go from traditional pre-match betting to live football betting. The big change comes in your mind. If you focus on a target before the match, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your work is done.

The bet has been placed, and there's nothing else you can do. If you were right in your hunch, you will get a profit. If you weren't, you'll lose your stake. When you live-bet, you're doing so based on a match that is already in progress.

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Depending on the bookmaker, you can bet on pretty much any aspect of a football match; you get odds that are generated by the bookie at that exact point, based around what is happening at that exact point in the game.

You also get a chance to change your mind, based on the fluctuating odds. This is because you can also close your bet, or "cash out", but more on that later. Think Like a Top-Class Football Coach The constant shifting of odds, which shorten or drift all the time, is designed in part to create insecurity in the mind of the bettor.

If you're to beat the bookie, you've got to adopt the mindset of one of football's world-class coaches.

What Are The Best Resources For Football Betting Tips And Predictions In

Louis van Gaal, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are arguably the three best coaches in world football today. What they do so well is they adapt their thinking and coaching based on contemporary circumstances.

All three are masters, in their own way, at spinning a game on its head.

If you see them on the bench, they hardly ever relax. They're making notes, talking to their assistants, or getting calm, clear messages out to the team on the pitch. Teams coached by van Gaal, Guardiola or Mourinho are capable of taking a lead, then closing out the game through strong defense.

This is no accident: all of these world-class coaches view their benches as key to any success. Sending on tactical substitutes has become de rigeur, and they do it best, calculating which players are best-suited to winning the game in front of them. What does this have to do with live betting?

It's all in the mind. Take on the flexible in-play mentality of one of these coaching titans, and you will view fluctuating odds,paired with trusted live football betting tips, as a challenge, not something to be feared.

Football Betting Tips, Offers & Predictions

See a new opportunity? Place a new bet if you think it'll work out based on careful analysis. See an opportunity closing? Cash out. What Does "Cash Out" Mean? Cashing out is a betting term meaning collecting the money on offer for your bet at a point of your choosing, prior to the end of the match.

Most leading bookmakers offer a variation on the cash-out option, and it's useful either as a way to mitigate a liability cut your losses or to ensure a profit at the end of the match, regardless of how it ends.

How does it work? Imagine you are live football betting on a match between Real Madrid against Barcelona. You place a live bet on Barcelona to win, and they're leading at half time. However, you get to 70 minutes into the minute match, and Real Madrid score a goal to take the score to The momentum is now with Real Madrid.

Analysis of Real Madrid's team and form will tell you if they look likely to get another goal back, and take the match to a draw. If so, cash out. Your profit will be small - but you will still make money, rather than losing everything you bet in the first place.

That's the beauty of a cash-out option; you can react to changing circumstances, either preventing failure or ensuring success, before the referee blows the final whistle.

Time Decay, Shortening and Drifting Odds Time decay is the way that the time elapsed in a football match affects the odds on offer. If you look at live odds available for a football match in the final two minutes of play, with one team leading, you will see that the odds for that team to win are increasingly short shortening , and the odds for the other team increasingly long drifting.

This is because time decay makes each possibility either more likely or more remote. If you have a game where one team is deemed by bookmakers more likely to win than another, for example, a Champions League match between Bayern Munich of Germany and Anderlecht of Belgium Bayern would usually win this fixture , the odds would begin with Bayern at short odds to win, and Anderlecht with long odds to take the victory.

Imagine if Anderlecht take a surprise lead. All live football betting tips might tell you this would not be the final result, but the less-fancied team are still up. You'd expect Anderlecht's odds for victory to shorten, yes?

They started the season with a sequence of very good games.

Well, you'd be right. Odds for a draw will also shorten. However, due to a quirk of the football betting market, the odds for Bayern Munich to win the match may not drift significantly.

  • Below you will find our algorithm predictions for First Half and Match Goals!
  • Our mission statement has always been simple. To provide you with all the information you need to place informed bets across a wide range of sports and hopefully make a good return on your investment.
  • Therefore, football betting requires you to be a kind of fortune teller. However, you should not be making guesses based on your inner instinct.
  • Both teams to score and win differs slightly — as you must also bet on which team you think will be victorious. Free Bets of the Day We pull out all of the latest free bet offers from the leading bookmakers and best betting sites out there.

This is because all rational analysis of the situation would say that there was likely to be a Bayern comeback at some stage. The German team, the more-fancied of the two opponents, would still be the favorite to win the match. Bookmakers exist to protect their profits, and so they would still place their chips on the originally-expected result, until time decay makes it less likely.

Treat Profit and Loss Equally As we've said before, there's no such thing as a "lucky winning streak". Either you're live football betting in the right way and winning, or you're not.

NFL Live Betting Tutorial for the Season

If you get a few early losses, don't overreact, adjust your betting strategy, follow the tips on Bookiesmash, and you stand a great chance of turning your fortunes around. If you get a profit, follow the same advice - don't go overboard, you're not Superman, you're not the Messiah.

Keep a cool, rational head at all times, and you can be a winner at live football betting.

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