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Tuesday, October 22, 2019 10:55:54 AM

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DirecTV to add more live sports in 4K this week

Best TV Service for 4K

Cold outside, but warm indoors with your new 4K TV. Now, what to watch?

Now, you are staying warm inside, but wondering what you can watch. You are likely not alone.

  • Where to Find 4K Content in
  • DirecTV wants to make 4K HDR sports par for the course. Here's how it'll work

By the rapidly approaching end of the year, more than three out of 10 U. That's up from 16 percent last year. Lower prices are just one selling point. Bigger screens with sharper images and richer colors are benefits, too.

Where to Watch 4K Content With HDR

Those additional pixels make bigger displays look better without degradation of the imagery. More: Cord cutting? Amazon has more movies, but Netflix has higher-rated films, tech site finds More: What is HDR and do you really need it?


There's no regular 4K broadcasts from major networks just yet. Netflix also recommends broadband download speeds of 25 Megabits per second for streaming 4K video. Others can be rented or purchased. Your display may also have built-in WiFi, if so it's ready to stream 4K.

Must Watch Sports in 4k on DirecTV

Here's how to set it up right More: Looking to cut the cord? Best streaming boxes for getting the TV shows and movies you want Several other lesser-known video apps can offer additional 4K options.

Google Play has a full slate of 4K movies to rent or purchase.

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