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While many schools struggle to find adequate software and budgeting to attain these streaming solutions, the Live:Air app makes this process incredibly straightforward and affordable. Here are just a few ways the Live:Air App can assist in school event streaming. Simplicity in Student Hands The great thing about Live:Air is that it combines the immersive experience of broadcasting with the familiarity of an iOS app, streamlining the process with a tool students can easily comprehend. Adding graphics and switching between multiple camera feeds are also very straightforward and made for your average smartphone user. Because the app offers access to multiple social media channels, along with a sizable collection of simplistic editing tools, students can easily create their own streams and at the same time learn the fundamentals of filming.

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Last February, Whittle began hearing rumors that The Cube, a popular high school sports streaming service locally known for streaming the Pontiac Holiday Tournament and other PTHS sports and events, would be acquired by one of its competitors.

For Whittle, who had worked with The Cube for the past six years, it was a major blow. Right now, the NFHS network has a monopoly on streaming high school sports.

In some of their press releases, they call themselves the only place for high schools to go and stream their content. Whittle argues this content was previously provided to fans for free through The Cube. In a press release from the NFHS, the business boasts that its recent acquisition of The Cube will allow the company to offer streams of more than , live high school events from across the nation throughout the upcoming school year.

That was both good and bad.

  • The best streaming experiences come when you have an app available in the system you are using. It's easy to use and delivers a very good viewing experience and a smooth, high definition picture.
  • List of programs broadcast by MTV - Wikipedia en.
  • With the game delayed by thunderstorms in the area, the live stream attracted more than 5, views online, according to Rieck. Eventually, streamed events will be archived on the radio's website for about one week.
  • We ran a mic cable feet to the school, through a window, and into a computer and broadcast audio only using a shoutcast server.

We still allow fans to stream their high school events for free. The main difference is, we charge the schools to support our platform, not the customers. Towards the end of the spring last year there was nowhere for us to stream, so it will be nice to get back to that again.

We will cover both the home and the away games. Over the years I really became knowledgeable about how The Cube works. People got really used to the way The Cube was.

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In my opinion, The Cube was already a pretty good platform. It ran great and people were familiar with how to access it. Our platform is essentially a replacement for The Cube.

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Fans can still watch for free and the software is basically what schools that used The Cube are familiar with on their end, too. For more information, contact Whittle at blake.

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