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Only after confirming the IP address will these services allow the consumer to tap into their online content. Hence, if you do not happen to have a valid IP address and are not present in the required region then you cannot stream the Cricket World Cup from these streaming services. That is actually the exact job for which a VPN exists. VPN services have become exceptionally effective at changing your original and real physical location. More specifically, it can change your location to any specific territory or country that you want to.

World Cup Opening Ceremony Live Streaming: When and where to watch

Manish Singh 4 months As hundreds of millions of people turn their attention to the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup tournament, many of them are using an Indian streaming service to follow the ins and outs of the game.

ICC Cricket World Cup Matches Live Stream

More than million users tuned in to Hotstar, an on-demand streaming service owned by Disney , on June 16, the day India and Pakistan played a league match against each other. To be sure, these million users are not all paying subscribers. Hotstar offers five-minute streaming of live events to users at no cost.

In April, the company said it had million monthly active users. Regardless, million daily active users is an impressive feat for any service in India.

Live Cricket Scores & News

Especially for streaming services that, thanks to dramatically dwindling mobile data prices in the country in recent years, are increasingly changing user behavior toward intensive data usage online.

It also helps that the game between India and Pakistan, two neighboring nations with a long history, remains one of the most anticipated events for cricket following countries.

Cricket itself has emerged as the biggest driver of video streaming in India in the last three years. The game is followed by hundreds of millions of users across the globe — if not more.

England v South Africa in ICC Cricket World Cup

In , Hilary Clinton urged nations to look at cricket as a model for improving relationships with other countries. Secretary of State in Star India, which operates Hotstar, owns the rights to most cricket tournaments, a bet that has paid off and immensely helped scale its business.

Both Amazon and Netflix have fewer than 5 million subscribers in India, according to industry estimates. Even Facebook made an unsuccessful bid to acquire streaming rights to a cricket tournament in India two years ago, months before it began to talk about its Watch ambitions.

How to watch the Cricket World Cup in the U.S

Hotstar, which also owns the right to stream IPL matches, set a global record for most simultaneous views to a live event in the final game of the tournament last month. Beating its own previous record, Hotstar claimed that more than Interestingly enough, even as a record million-plus users simultaneously watched the game between India and Pakistan this month, Hotstar said the concurrent views count peaked at It remains unclear why Hotstar was not able to break its concurrent record that day.

To fix it, Hotstar temporarily discontinued support for Safari browser.

Hotstar to exclusively live stream ICC events from to

Last year, Hotstar and Walmart-owned Flipkart began a collaboration on building an advertising business in India. Hotstar is still unprofitable, however. For Hotstar, the biggest challenge is in retaining customers after the mega cricket season ends next month. Each year, the service struggles to keep customers which results in a massive drop in users count when the cricket season is over, a source familiar with the matter said.

Over the last year, Hotstar has sought to build on its popularity and started to invest in its own original content.

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