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Apr 4, 8 Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is a game that provides simple but addictive fun. I played it when I was around 12 years old, and I really got in to it. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is a game that provides simple but addictive fun. Nowadays I find it a little bit boring, and I can't tell if it's because i've grown up, or because I already played it too much back in the day. Anyway, this is a game i'd definitely recommend to any DS owner who's looking for a simple but entertaining title, in the likes of Mario Kart or Mario Party.

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Gameplay[ edit ] The gameplay of Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is centered on basketball games, structured into tournaments that the player must win in order to progress.

Close Format: Mario Slam Basketball is the first game of its type to give players total control of the ball. Players really will be able to dribble and Slam-Dunk with the tip of their finger!

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The fast paced action features classic Nintendo and Final Fantasy characters and is perfectly suited to the Nintendo DS using a combination of the touch screen and D-pad to dribble, pass and take shots, all with strokes and taps of the stylus.

The characters are all rendered in glorious 3D and the player will be dazzled by spectacular effects as the action unfolds. Create your own three player, all-star team by selecting from popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi and even Princess Peach herself!

  • In the beginning, it was meant to be an original game, but Square Enix felt that it would work well with the Mario label. Square Enix contacted Nintendo, and Nintendo allowed them to use it.
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  • Review by Keza MacDonald, Contributor Updated on 25 October You know, seeing the names Nintendo and Square-Enix on the same title screen still gives me a little thrill of the surreal. So vehement was Nintendo's assertion that it would never ever consider working with Square ever again EVER back in the mid-Nineties that I still do a mental double-check every time a new collaboration turns up.
  • Get that magic touch.
  • Mario Slam Basketball-microsite online Na tennis, golf, karten, voetbal en snowboarden is onze sportieve maar raar genoeg vrij zware held Mario toe aan een nieuwe uitdaging. In februari brengt Mario namelijk zijn eigen dribbelende, schietende en driepunterscorende actiegame op de markt: Mario Slam Basketball.

Collecting coins during matches is especially important as they can affect the score. So, before going for a slam-dunk players will need to collect as many coins as they can in order to bag the highest possible score.

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Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman may be stars on the real court, but faced with players holding red shells it takes an all new-type of player to really show their skill on the DS court! The referee seems to be asleep so anything goes on this basketball court!

Players can use Red and Green shells, Bo-bombs, Bananas and Stars to turn the tide of the game, obstruct other players and even chase down coins. Mario Slam Basketball features three single player modes that allow players to participate in major basketball tournaments, exhibition matches and hone their vital skills.

In Practice Mode, players can focus on their weak points and strive to become superstars. Exhibition Mode allows players to select their own customised team to play against the CPU in a quick match.

Finally Tourney mode lets players try out their skills in a choice of four tournaments- Mushroom, Flower, Star and Rainbow. Desperate to wipe the court with your friends?

Mario Slam Basketball. Nintendo DS:

Now you can with three exciting wireless multi-player modes to select: Exhibition, Dribble Race, and Coin Hunter, plus two single download play modes. Test who can hold on to the most coins until the end of the game, or take part in a Dribble Race.

Mario Slam Basketball also has the ability to let friends cut in. While playing, a message will pop up and alert players that a new opponent has been found so players can compete in some serious on court action.

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