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Watch these 11 Fights Now MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world due to its aggressive, athletic, and physical nature.

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While these aspects draw in many fans, they can be intimidating to others. Nonetheless, as with all forms of martial arts, MMA is for everyone to enjoy. In fusing different fighting styles together we also mix the cultures which are associated to each art.

The result is an incredibly inclusive sport where traditions are respected, equality is not only understood but cherished, and diversity grows naturally. If you are a part of any culture, MMA is for you.

Here are 11 fights for the potential MMA fan. Team Liddell Finale.

  • It seems like every time you turn around, some fighters are getting themselves into confrontations under dubious circumstances.
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Bonnar not happened. The fight was the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter tournament and the first time the UFC was live on cable. The 3 round stand-up scrap was so entertaining that fans shook the arena by stomping their feet, there was a noticeable increase in TV ratings during the fights duration, and both fighters were awarded UFC contracts even though Griffin would walk away with the win.

Ken Shamrock; UFC 1.

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  • He then returned for Combat Corner Grappling Championships Volume 7, in the 16th of April , in Milwaukee, facing Andy Lueneburg, in the lbs absolute division, winning by submission via triangle choke. However, Pettis pulled out of the fight with a hand injury and was replaced by Bart Palaszewski.
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  • In the figurative sense, that has been a bit of a challenge. The MMA fighter who considers Nashville his hometown has a pretty good idea of what comes next if he defeats Grove on Friday in Bellator 8 p.
  • Jim sat down with Brian Siskind to have a conversation on 's creativity and nostalgia, stop motion animation, horror films, and of course - what it is like to be a part of one of the most prolific and important jazz groups of all time.
  • Tweet Share Two glistening, sweat-drenched bodies are trapped in a cage, wrenching on the ground in anguish. There is tension and resistance, bursts of grunts, spasms and contractions.

In UFC 1, Gracie would use his jiu-jitsu mastery to defeat Ken Shamrock who was seen as a favorite due to his size advantage, wrestling background, and ferocious nature.

Shamrock and Gracie were the only two competitors in the UFC 1 tournament to be familiar with submissions, with Gracie having a strong advantage with his family being pioneers a new style of jiu-jitsu. The highly practical, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has become one of the most popular forms of martial arts today and it certainly played a part in Royce winning the first UFC tournament.

During his fight with Kevin Randleman, Randleman picked Fedor up turned him almost completely upside-down and slammed him on his head. Fedor would go on to sweep Randleman and catch him in a Kimura, a common arm lock in many grappling arts, to end the fight.

The remarkable recovery appeared to be proof that Fedor was more than human when considered alongside his nearly flawless record. Chael Sonnen; UFC He would often showboat in the cage and taunt his opponents during his fights, forcing them to become over aggressive and allowing Silva to counter.

Mauricio Rua; UFC His reach, which was the longest in the UFC at the time, and unusual frame allowed him to use techniques which no one else had in their arsenal. Jones took on the role of a superhero by not only defeating Rua with relative ease at UFC but also stopping a mugger hours before the event.

Jones has yet to have faced defeat since his bout with Rua and is commonly regarded as the greatest fighter of all time.

MMA fighters win key bouts before local championships

Ronda Rousey; UFC Her presence was inescapable; she was on TV constantly and had even landed roles in movies like The Expendables 2 and Fast and The Furious 7.

However, after suffering a head kick loss to Holy Holm at UFC , Rousey would not return to the octagon until a year later. Nunes defeated Rousey within a minute of the first round, using her superior footwork and boxing to earn the TKO victory.

Holly Holm; UFC Holm had gained a reputation after defeating Ronda Rousey who had been a dominant champion for almost three years.

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Cyborg had gained her reputation outside of the UFC for her impressive physique and blitzkrieg style. Both fighters had a chance to showcase their skills in the fight, with Holm utilizing her kickboxing background and Cyborg implementing a new strategy where she waited for her opponent to come in to land counter-strikes.

Cyborg would win the fight by unanimous decision.

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Todd Duffee; UFC While Todd Duffee and Mike Russow may not be the biggest names the sport has ever seen, their fight at UFC works as a great reminder as to why you should never give up.

Todd Duffee was once a top prospect in the UFC. He was big, strong, athletic, and looked like he was cut out of stone.

Anthony Pettis

Mike Russow on the other hand, clearly carried extra weight around and his focus was often challenged due to his position as a full-time police officer in Chicago. Most of the fight went as expected. Duffee dominated almost every exchange until Russow landed a right hand half way through the final round, knocking Duffee out cold.

Anderson Silva; Pride Shockwave Silva was dominating Chonan until he used a flying leg scissor to lead into a heel hook submission. Flying submissions are rare in MMA and often considered too risky to justify their reward. Evangelista Santos; Bellator Martial arts that are contested in a point style of competition are based around the idea that a fight can be ended with a single blow if enough energy, or qi, is produced.

Page has also revolutionized the style of being a practical showman, using in ring antics to frustrate his opponents into over committing and allowing him to land counters.

His first step in world domination was to move up a weight class to take on Rafael dos Anjos, the lightweight champion at the time.

When dos Anjos pulled out of the fight due to a foot injury, Nate Diaz stepped in to take his place and the bout was moved up to lbs. While McGregor dominated most of the fight prior to the finish, Diaz used his signature cardio to withstand the Irish storm and won in the second round via rear naked choke.

MMA is not to be feared by potential fans. It is an individual sport which teaches life lessons you cannot get anywhere else. Its history is vast, its science is intriguing, and its ability to affect culture is impressive.

Yet, there is only one way to find out if the sport is for you; order an event, watch it with an open mind, and listen to the commentary from experts. Chances are, you will catch the MMA bug and become hooked like so many have in recent years.

What are some fights we missed? What fight impacted you? Leave a comment below. About the writer. When his ten-year wrestling career came to an end, he started practicing several different martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing.

He currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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