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Land Rover Watch Standard systems can be fitted by Land Rover dealers provided that they have technicians who have been appropriately trained.

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There are two options for installation see below. Irrespective of which option is chosen, a commissioning process is then completed by the installer.

The full list of installation prices by model is in the attached sheet. The installation can be arranged by calling the Installation Support Group Terms and conditions apply - click here for more information. Accreditation is at Company, product and Individual installer level.

Model-specific installation instructions will be available on secure login by authorised installers to the Land Rover Watch website www.

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Commissioning Once a Land Rover Watch system has been installed in a vehicle, a commissioning process takes place in order to ensure that the installation has been completed correctly, that the system is fully functional before the vehicle is given to the customer and also to activate the monitoring service.

On accessing the Land Rover Watch commissioning website, the Installer is able to assign the ECU ID to the vehicle registration details stored in the system and then perform a series of tests including vehicle battery disconnect and remote immobilisation.

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This is a straightforward process that does not take more than a few minutes. The key contacts should include at least a sales contact for any queries regarding customer information and a service contact for any queries regarding installation or service issues.

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