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Free is a great price, and that's Pluto TV's big hook Shares There are so many streaming TV services, they're starting to name them after former planets. Take Pluto TV, for example, a free site that may not have heavy hitters, but tries to offer something for everyone.

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NBC is home to some of the most decorated shows in terms of Emmy nominations and wins.

How to Watch NBC in UK, Australia or anywhere Outside US with a VPN

It also tends to cover the most important events of the year, from sports to politics to breaking news. In short, you definitely want to have access to this network.

You sure can thanks to new streaming options like fuboTV free 7-day trial and Hulu Live free 7-day trial , among many others!

If you want to learn how to stream NBC without a cable subscription, this article will show you how.

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Digital Antennas, which offer the ability to watch NBC for free. These antennas are installed in or on top of your home, and pick up free over-the-air broadcasts from local NBC affiliates. These services offer a similar experience to cable TV — without the high price tag.

As a writer for trade publications and Lifewire, he has endeavored to break down complex technical subjects so readers of every tech level can understand them. The biggest difference between Hulu with Live TV and other streaming services is that Hulu provides access to a massive library of on-demand content, and the biggest difference between Hulu and cable is that for Hulu to work, you need to have a high-speed internet connection and a compatible device instead of just television.

While these are paid services compared to antennas, which provide free NBC access , they also offer many other channels. So, in this way they are a lot less limited than using an antenna. Plus, the services work over the internet, so there is no issue with signal strength, bad weather interference, etc.

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You can use something like a Roku or Apple TV, which hooks up to your TV and lets you watch hundreds of different services. Or, you can use your smartphone or computer, or even your smart TV!

‎NBC Sports on the App Store

There are many different streaming services available, but Hulu with Live TV is one of the most popular. Find more info on it below — and find out how you can use it to watch NBC online without cable! Beyond live streaming, Hulu also comes with a very large on-demand library.

Our PS Vue review has more info.

Hulu Live TV Channels List The Complete Guide

Our YouTube TV review has for more info. See our Sling TV review for more info. Using Antennas to Watch NBC for Free If you buy a digital antenna, you will be able to pick up some stations that broadcast in your area. The channels you get are also highly dependent on where you live.

See specific antennas we recommend in the section below. Here are some top options: For indoor use, we recommend the Mohu Leaf Up to mile range.

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