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Friday, October 25, 2019 8:03:51 AM

So why not Samoa? Whether people like it or not, China will be a major player in the region, and it will only get worse with time for those who wish it otherwise. It is also dishonest.

It was essentially the same as reading the actual paper version. This new app has not been designed with such subscriber readability in mind.

Instead of improving the app, the new version is confusing and cumbersome to use. If we were regularly to read it online, we would not need the print edition.

News & Observer prepares pay wall to charge users for online access

And in fact we are not really sure we need the print edition anymore anyway, since more and more print edition copy has already appeared online by the time we see it in print.

Also what happened to your commitment to the communities you serve? Who in Raleigh cares to read extensively about Charlotte or even Durham?

Richmond County Daily Journal

We subscribe to the Raleigh paper. Service should be the name of your game.

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  • Super Bowl Could Air on Netflix or Amazon Over TV

The previous version of this Ap was much better. I like reading the print version which fits my home delivery version.

Sporting events on TV

The new Ap distorts the page making it less readable, and it continually closes when I am in the middle of the paper requiring me to waste time scrolling back through the whole paper again. Update: This Ap keeps going from bad worse.

I am about to cancel my subscription altogether. I just wish it were accessible without requiring so much wasted effort every time I try to open the Ap. Other Aps, including ones requiring a subscription do not require a new sign in every time it they are opened.

East Montgomery County Observer

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