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Monday, September 16, 2019 6:31:59 AM

Seriously, all you do is complain about sports. Find something else to do with your life First of all you ought to respect the rules of this forum when responding to posters. Ask the moderator about that. Secondly people mention sports because it is one of the biggest culprits for the increasing cost of cable TV, hence the current debate about ESPN.

Sports and Entertainment Packages For TV

CS is great. But price is too high. And too many shopping channels and Spanish channels that I just don't use.

Altice USA ups Optimum fees to retain ESPN programming

More sports! What a waste. First time I called with a billing question the person on the phone was so nasty to me. When I asked to speak with her supervisor - she hung up on me. The next time I called with a billing question the person on the phone would not help me unless I gave him the number located on the bottom of the modem?

I was at work and couldn't access it - this was after being asked every question to identify myself. Calling to cancel my service was also a brutal experience.

Horrible service, horrible people.

Optimum TV subscribers now have access to WatchESPN and Showtime Anytime

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Optimum outage outrage still echoing in CT

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Customer service is not helpful. They gave me a temporary cable and it has been struck by lightning, it has staples down my driveway and has put a hole in my tire and they will not fix it.

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  • Altice One, from Suddenlink, combines the latest video, internet and connectivity technologies into One immersive experience. One interface that combines all of the content you care about.
  • Cablevision is the first major U. It airs programs focused on the entire scope of the combat sports genre, including mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, traditional martial arts, fight news and analysis, as well as fight-themed drama, reality series, documentaries and feature films.
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  • Unlimited Bundled Services Like most cable providers, Optimum by Cablevision offers a few different bundles that will vary in price based on your location and current available offers. Keep in mind, however, that the prices of Optimum are generally lower than a service like Verizon.
  • After approximately 18 minutes of viewing I get a pop up that asks me if I am still watching.
  • Even though Lydia was and the National Zoological situation I was happy to take a bus natives collectively wealthy.

Have been a customer of Optimum for 10 years now but every months they want to increase the price with one excuse or the other. Internet experience is extremely bad. Customer service is horrendous - no one can beat their worst service. They keep transferring the call from one agent to another and most of them are somewhere outside the country and have no clue what they are talking.

With all the comments on this website - Wonder if Optimum management really care about the quality and customer satisfaction at all???? I love the service of the programming and internet speed the process to change for one channel to the next is archaic You go to a channel then you literally have to wait 3 seconds till you can change to the next channel Needless to say that is why the majority of people use Verizon.

Optimum Rewards

Never again, completely incompetent company. TV on demand is extremely limited to what they want to provide you unless you rent titles from them while their so-called premium internet wifi network leaves you looking at buffering wheels every 20minutes even if there is only ONE device connected to the network!

Overall trash wifi connection and their "fix" is to sell you a "wifi booster" which comes from a company they own. Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Not sure about Optimum? Take our two minute quiz to find the right satellite or cable TV provider for you.

The company offers television, Internet and cable services.

Optimum Bundles

Business and residential service: Optimum has a full range of telephone, Internet and TV products for the home and office, and it is a good choice for residential or commercial customers. Better channel options: With more than HD channels available, customers in the New York area can experience a variety of programming.

Unlimited plans: Customers can get unlimited cell phone, text and data usage, and premium TV services in one package. Free package: After signing up for broadband Internet service, the company offers a channel package for free.

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Optimum Company Information.

Altice to raise rates for Optimum customers following deal to add ESPN networks

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