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Find a good story you know people will like to hear about. That is your corner stone to jump in the movie industry i Africa.

Find a script writer or look for a young student to write the your script.

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Now you have a story written in movie script. Most African movies neglect this part and make movies on the go. The result is normally bad as those African movies can only be view by a limited group of people. Someone who is not from your same culture will find it difficult to understand.

Au Ghana, le skate soccer offre une vie après la polio * * Mali

This remind me a friend to whom I happen to mention once that someone naked was mad. How you make your story suitable for anyone? Around you have family and friend an consider making a synopsis to see what they think.

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Beware that you are the movie maker and you have a story to tell not others. People opinion will help you to review your message and know if it is going to be understood. Many film makers in west Africa have in the movies the messages about their culture.

In most cases African movies show up the African society and life.

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Some movies may be after daily fight for survival in the big city like Lagos, Nigeria. Other will report women circumcision in Africa and its danger. African countries politics is another topic that is common in African movies.

In Nigeria most movies have only the entertainment purpose. With a couple of Camcoder and a basic knowledge you are ready to get off the ground.

Free to Air Aports Channels in Africa in ▷

Consider using camera tripod to avoid unwanted movement. We advice also the use of microphones, best wireless microphones the actors can carry on.

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You will gain more clarity and synchronization in the dialog which is fundamental in any movies. This part is essential on how to make a good movie.

Radisson Blu attack: Mali says it's arrested man who planned it

Video is important when you see action, but it makes sense only when accompanied with sound. When you watch an action movie you like to hear the gun shoot, how about the racing cars, the sound is fundamental. The venue for your movie can be your home and your friends flat, keep it simple and you will be surprise with quality of your movie.

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