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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 7:49:17 PM

Pakistan ended up winning but that is not a true indication of the closeness of the series. The Sri Lankans are severely hampered by the absence of some of their best limited-overs payers that refused to tour Pakistan but have not let be an excuse for poor cricket. Now, the action turns to T20 cricket, a format that should bring the gap between the two sides even closer. Sri Lanka is going to have a very tough time stopping Pakistan from running all over them in the T20 series as well. The action now shifts to Lahore for the rest of the matches.

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Wicket number 2 goes down and Fakhar is distraught. Another success for Hasaranga. He fools the batsman with a well-disguised googly.

He pitches it on a fuller length close to off, Fakhar without picking it clears his front leg for a big heave across the line. But the ball spins away from him, takes the outside half of his bat and loops in the air. Udana stationed at mid off moves across to his right and takes a fantastic catch.

Imam-ul-Haq lbw b Wanindu Hasaranga 31 41 1 0 Three reds and Imam is given lbw! Beautifully bowled delivery by Hasaranga. He loops it up in the air and lands it around off.

  • The island-nation are up in the three-match series.
  • Pakistan clinch ODI series and this is their highest successful chase in the last three years. Sohail cannot believe that he has been clean bowled by the Sri Lankan spinner and stands there in disbelief.
  • Full Commentary That ends the game.
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  • AP As it happened: Sri Lanka managed to upset Pakistan by 64 runs as they recorded their biggest T20 international win over them. Opener Danushka Gunathilaka hit his career-best 57 runs to guide Sri Lanka to with Pakistani teenager Mohammad Hasnain also bagging a hattrick.

Imam is stuck inside the crease as maybe he expected it to skid away from him. But to his surprise, it spins back into him and strikes him on the front pad.

The appeal is made but the umpire shakes his head. Sri Lanka take the referral after their skipper consults with the bowler and keeper. The replays roll in.

Ultra Edge shows no bat and then the Ball Tracker confirms that it's hitting the stumps. First breakthrough for Sri Lanka! Babar Azam holes out! End of an outstanding innings from the Pakistan batter. A standing ovation for him as he walks back and a well-deserved one.

This one looked like a tired shot. Kumara bowls it full and on middle, this was there to be hit. Azam looks to heave but does not get it in the middle.

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He gets more height than distance and Hasaranga at deep mid-wicket runs in, takes it on the second attempt. Important wicket as Azam could have really made a difference of at least 15 runs to the final total. Haris Sohail run out Sadeera Samarawickrama 40 48 1 0 Haris Sohail is furious as he walks back.

Rightly so too, it was his call as he was running towards the danger end but Azam is not interested at all. Nelson strikes as the stand comes to an end on Also, this is probably the only way this could have ended as both were looking at ease.

Nuwan Pradeep bowls a length ball around off, Azam looks to flick but gets an inside edge onto the pads. It rolls to the right of the keeper. Haris wants a run and rushes towards the other end. He is halfway down the track when Azam sends him back. The keeper picks the ball up and fires it to the bowler who collects it, turns and then throws it powerfully from close range at the stumps at his end.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, 1st T20I in Lahore, Highlights: As it happened

Haris is well short. He slams his bat on the ground as he walks back. Falls 10 short of a fifty. Sri Lanka need to keep taking wickets if they are to keep Pakistan in check.

Direct hit and Sarfaraz is way, way out. Another run out for the Lankans. Thirimanne, the skipper, produces brilliance in the field.

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This is fuller again, Ahmed strokes it towards cover and sets off. Thirimanne picks the ball up and scores a bull's eye at the non-striker's end. Sarfaraz continues running to the pavilion. End of an action-packed over, 9 runs and a wicket. In the air Another one bites the dust.

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Good bowling from Udana. He continues bowling to his field and gets the reward. This is short and outside off, Wasim throws his bat at it but fails to middle his shot.

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He ends up carving it towards deep point where Oshada Fernando takes it easily. Wahab Riaz run out Wanindu Hasaranga 2 2 0 0 Pradeep goes back to bowling it very full and on the pads. It is whipped through mid-wicket.

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