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We wanted to get out on the park and play a game of cricket. It can get frustrating at times as our last game was washed out due to rain. We had an intent of playing solid cricket and we did that today.

I was unhappy with the way I played that shot. He just pushed mid-on back and got fine-leg up; that was a little misjudgement from my side.

When you're set you want to get as many runs as possible, so it was a disappointment when I got out. I wasn't thinking about the double hundred, trust me.

It was a good pitch and I wanted to continue batting as long as possible.

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  • It left many in his audience with anything more than a short-term memory just scratching their heads.
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We wanted to kill the game there with our partnership, but unfortunately I got out at the wrong time. I think Rahul played really well, he took time and that was required at that point.

Can't go out there and play shots right away. He took his time, saw the new ball off but unfortunately even he got out at the wrong time. The opening spell was always going to be threatening and we wanted to play out the new ball; we got a good start and we built on from there," Rohit Sharma said after the match.

Smashed back past the bowler for a boundary to long on. Tossed up delivery on off-stump is slog-swept to mid-wicket where Rahul is stationed.

He runs in to take the catch but drops an easy chance. Smashed down the ground to end the over. The revised target has taken the game completely out of Pakistan's reach now.

Yuzvendra Chahal willl resume the proceedings with the ball with Shadab Khan on strike. We're going to get more cricket!

Providing there's no more rain, they'll resume in five minutes. The conditions though, are still overcast and dark. Watch all the wickets on the official CWC19 app. India will win by 86 runs DLS if the match is stopped now.

And we as Pakistan have hardly done anything for our first-class cricket. We have been changing it every year. Our first-class cricket has been run by some random journalist for some odd reason and why for so many years," Wasim Akram says on air.

Sarfaraz Ahmed b Vijay 12 1 ball. Chops it on to his stumps! Outside off, on a length, Sarfaraz looks to work it to the leg side but the ball cuts in off the seam, takes the inside edge and hits the leg stump.

Sarfaraz Ahmed departs, Pakistan now six down.

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This was their reaction when he dismissed Shoaib Malik first ball pic. Short ball he does well to keep it down and pulls it away for a boundary to mid-wicket. Shoaib Malik b Hardik 0 1 ball.

Hardik lands it on a length close to off stump and Malik tries to play close to his body. But it takes the inner half of his blade and goes behind to tickle the stumps.

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Hardik jumps in joy. The Men in Blue are roaring. Pandya is on a hat-trick but will have to wait for the next over. Shoaib Malik is bowled first ball and Hardik Pandya is on a hat-trick!

Mohammad Hafeez c Vijay b Hardik 9 7 balls. Delivers a full ball on the pads, Hafeez flicks it behind square leg but fails to keep it down. A fielder is placed exactly there and Vijay Shankar makes no mistake. Here's the entire list of DLS possibilities.

DLS target for Pakistan after 30 overs for 0, for 1, for 2, for 3, for 4, for 5, for 6, for 7, for 8, for 9. Kuldeep Yadav is turning it in India's favour. The wrist-spinner removes Fakhar Zaman for Once again there is flight and dip. Fakhar tries a sweep shot but top-edges it.

Easy catch for the short-fine leg fielder. Kuldeep strikes again! This time Fakhar is the man to go India well on top now.

India are looking pumped up.

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They would want their spinners to get a few more here but Hafeez seems to have other ideas. Kuldeep Yadav gets one to turn and beat Babar Azam. The ball goes through the gap between the bat and the pad and hits the top of middle stump. Kuldeep did him in the air, with flight and drift.

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A dream delivery for a spinner. He snaps a run stand that was looking dangerous. The young wrist-spinner is pumped up! It's only for the time being since Kohli is expected to return after the short break.

Flighted ball on off, Zaman sits down on one knee and slogs it handsomely over mid-wicket.

The fielder in the deep was interested for a while but it goes over him. Another slog-sweep through deep mid-wicket. Flighter delivery turning away from him is smashed for a boundary by Fakhar. He is growing in confidence now. Brings up his 11th ODI fifty with a six.

TV replays show Fakhar was back in his crease just in time before Dhoni removed the bails. Kohli and Chahal think of taking the review by Dhoni advises against it.

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Second boundary in the over this time it was a bit edgy. Hardik Pandya gets hit for two boundaries in his 4th over. Smashes the back of a length delivery towards the deep mid-wicket boundary, his fifth in this innings and one which came after a long time.

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