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Princeton head coach Courtney Banghart leads her top-seeded Tigers into this weekend's Ivy League tournament. She argues that more needs to be done to clarify the purpose of the conference tournament in order to identify the format that follows. The crowd had dissipated. There were a few coordinated chants, but mostly the isolated cries of individual fans stood out. Eight were played from towhen the teams participated in the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women; another occurred inafter Ivy League basketball joined the NCAA.

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Their winning percentage is the highest in the country. They share the record for the most win seasons.

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They are second in all-time number one rankings. And despite no longer holding the record for winningest coach, Adolph Rupp will always be a giant in the pantheon of college basketball.

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When The Winning Tradition first appeared in , it was the first complete history of the Wildcat basketball program. Bert Nelli pointed out that, contrary to the accepted mythology, Adolph Rupp arrived at a program already strong and storied.

Nor did Rupp bring an entirely new style of play to the Bluegrass. Instead he adopted -- and perfected -- that of his predecessor, John Mauer.

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What Rupp did bring was an ability to charm the news media and a fierce determination to turn out winning teams, making him the undisputed "Baron of Basketball. Nelli and his son Steve turn the same unflinching gaze that characterized the honesty of the first edition on the scandals that marred Eddie Sutton's tenure, the return to glory under Rick Pitino, and a full accounting of Tubby Smith's history-making first year.

The start of basketball season is welcomed in the Bluegrass with an unmatched enthusiasm and intensity.

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Each year brings a new team, new stars, and new glory. Other books have documented individual seasons, individual players, or individual coaches. But The Winning Tradition remains the only complete and authoritative history of the most celebrated college basketball program in the world.

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A book no fan can afford to be without, The Winning Tradition brings alive the agonies, frustrations, and glories of each season of Kentucky basketball, from the first team fielded by women to the surprising victory in the NCAA tournament.

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