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Karryn no Sekai : DOWNLOAD PAIR PURI^^Tenipuri

Link 3 The handy dandy how to watch Tenipuri and not get lost in the episodes bc there is a fuckload of them guide for newbies.

Karryn no Sekai : DOWNLOAD PAIR PURI^^Tenipuri

So Tenipuri is massive, and I imagine every person who wants to get into the fandom now to be utterly confused by the amount of things to watch and not to know where to start. I mean, Wikipedia or tenipuri wiki wikia is a good start, but if I were to get into this series now I would drop it bc of the confusion.

  • Pair Puri 5.
  • Various formats from p to p HD or even p.
  • Pairpuri Synopsis This is a picture drama series of 8 short stories inspired by the popular series Prince of Tennis featuring different schools' characters.
  • .

Fucking Christ. Well anyway, here is my handy dandy guide with some links added later xp , I tried to make sure everything was working and all, but of downloads fail you, you can always look for streams :3 Part A: aka the Main arc.

Pair Puri Volume 4

TV series — episodes. This covers most of the manga, mainly the kantou tournament where Seigaku get to enter the nationals.

  • Prince Of Tennis Pairpuri Episode 8 English Sub
  • SOLVED Pair Puri 5

There are some changes, but I never read the manga and I live. Trust me. Okay good. Here is the more or less order how can you watch them, in the middle of watching the TV series or after watching it, but make sure you have reached Rikkai, since they do appear in some of these.

Where Can I Watch Pair Puri Subbed?

It changed me. Features such gems as naked tennis underwater, the sinking of titanic, an asshole eating unpeeled oranges and my personal favorites: the truth behind the extinction of dinosaurs.

“The view from the top”

Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament — 13 episodes. Side stories part II — more side stories!


Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri; pair puri are picture dramas meaning they are not animated with two different characters from different schools and some main topic. Pretty cute and gay — 8 episodes [ part1 ] [ part2 ][ part3 ][ part4 ][ part5 ][ part6 ][ part7 ][ part8 ] Prince of Tennis: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!



Takayuki Kondō


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Another story OVAS. TV series — 13 episodes. Shin puri ovas — 7 episodes [ download ] Episodes that take place every second episode of the main series and fill in the missing chapters.

Pair Puri Volume 2

Houkago no Ouji-sama — 5 episodes. This one is a must tbh.

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